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Region Codes for Debit Card

If you are travelling to any of the countries listed below, and you have already supplied us with your mobile phone number, you do not need to contact us prior to travelling, to request use of your card in that country.

If you are travelling to a country which is not specified on the list below, or you have not yet supplied your mobile phone number you will need to contact us during Working Hours on 1850 654328 prior to travelling, to request use of your card in that country.


Code Country (ENG)
202 Andorra
040 Austria
056 Belgium
070 Bosnia- Herzegovina
074 Bouvet Island (Norway)
100 Bulgaria
191 Croatia
196 Cyprus
208 Denmark
233 Estonia
234 Faroe Islands
246 Finland
248 Aland (Finland)
250 France
254 Franch Guiana
276 Germany
300 Greece
304 Greenland
312 Guadelope
366 Vatican City
352 Iceland
380 Italy
438 Lichtestein
442 Luxembourg
470 Malta
474 Martinique
492 Monaco
499 Montenegro
528 Netherlands
578 Norway
616 Poland
620 Portugal
674 San Marino
703 Slovakia
705 Slovenia
724 Spain
744 Svalbard & Jan Mayen (Norway)
752 Sweden
756 Switzerland
792 Turkey
807 Macedonia
826 United Kingdom

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