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EBS Debit Card

We've created a handy guide to using your EBS Debit Card in the best way possible. By following these simple tips you can operate your card keeping fees and charges to a minimum, so your money stays where it belongs - in your pocket! Check out the guide below.

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Tip 1.

Get five no-fee withdrawals per month.

If you;

  • maintain at least €500 in your Account throughout a calendar month; or
  • make lodgements of not less than €1,500 to your Account during a calendar month, then the fees** will be waived on the first 5 euro-denominated ATM withdrawals or over-the-counter withdrawals which are posted to your Account in each calendar month.

Please note: There is a maximum of five qualifying withdrawals per month.

Tip 2.

If you're buying something in store, why not use your debit card instead of cash?

If you use your debit card to take money out of an ATM* or your local EBS, there is a fee (if outside of the 5 free withdrawals outlined in Tip 1 above). However, if you simply use your EBS Debit Card to make a purchase – there is no EBS fee**!

*ATM means Automated Teller Machine

Tip 3.

If you need cash, why not get cash-back from the retailer when using your card to pay for items?

Many retailers offer cash-back when you use your EBS Debit Card to pay for purchases. There are no EBS fees when availing of cash-back. If you took the same money out of an ATM or EBS office, you may pay a fee**.

Please note: Cash-back is widely offered by retailers, however this is at the discretion of the retailer and may not always be available.

So, to be a savvy card user, remember these three top tips:

  • Use your card not cash at point of sale wherever possible
  • If you need cash – ask for cash back
  • Get your salary paid to your EBS MoneyManager Account to help get your five monthly no-fee** transactions.


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**Full details of applicable fees and charges are set out in the terms and conditions booklet for the EBS MoneyManager Account.

Government Stamp Duty will be charged at a rate of €0.12 per ATM transaction. Government Stamp Duty only applies to ATM transactions carried out within Ireland (excluding Northern Ireland). This charge is capped at €2.50 if you only use your debit card for ATM transactions and capped at €5 if you use your debit card for both purchases and ATM transactions. Government Stamp Duty charge on debit cards is applied in January, for the previous year. Government Stamp Duty of €0.50 is payable in respect of a cheque withdrawal. Applies to Euro withdrawals. Month means calendar month.

The above information is correct as at April 2016 and is subject to change. Terms and conditions for the EBS MoneyManager Account and the EBS Debit Card apply.

The EBS Debit Card is provided by MasterCard®.

MasterCard® is a registered trademark of MasterCard® International Incorporated.

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