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Tuesday, 21 January 2014 16:38

12 Ideas to Help You Save More Money Today

We’re all looking for little ways to help us get to our saving’s goal. Here are a dozen things that might just help you save a little more money each year.

EBS saving 12Ways ToLet 160X160 1. Include a friend or parter on your car insurance policy as it could reduce your premium cost.

2. Where rooms in your home are let as residential accommodation, gross annual rental income of up to €10,000 is tax exempt.EBS saving 12Ways Tap 160X160

3. Remember it costs the same to heat enough water for one bath, as for five showers.

4. Use an annual travel pass as it provides tax relief. Information at www.revenue.ie

EBS saving 12Ways Thermostat 160X160 5. Before water charges are introduced get into the habit of turning off the tap when you brush your teeth.

6. If you lower your thermostat by just 1*C you can save 10% off your heating bill.

7. Consider a smaller car for less tax, insurance and petrol costs. Also be sure to insure your car only for its replacement value.

EBS saving 12Ways eBook 160X1608. Avoid impulse buys by doing your grocery shopping on line.

9. You can still eat out when you're saving. Just shift your timing to an early bird menu to get the same food at a big discount.

EBS saving habits wash 160X160 10. Join your local library and read the latest books and magazines for free. Tech- savvy   libraries also offer limited- time elcectronic downloads of e-books.

11. Ask for the corporate rate when you are taking out health insurance and you could save   on the policy cost.

12. Do your laundry on the coldest water cycle possible to save money as heating water to high temperatures costs much more per load.



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