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Tuesday, 21 January 2014 15:59

6 Habits of Really Great Savers in Ireland

Saving money can seem like a big mountain to climb for a lot of people in Ireland. But the good news is you don't have to give up everything you love to get to the top. Turning saving into an overall habit, day-to-day, is a sure fire way to success. So, here are six smaller habits of a regular saver that you can adopt now to really put your EBS Savings Account to good use.

Regular savers.....

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Plan ahead: Shopping with a list doesn't stop at the supermarket - before stepping foot anywhere good savers know what they need, avoiding any unplanned purchases. Super savers limit the cash in their purse to a certain figure each week and don't spend over that amount. That frees up extra money to top up their monthly savings.

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Put themselves first: Setting up direct debits that instantly pay the bills and putting a realistic lump sum into their savings account each month is an essential habit of great savers in Ireland. It'll leave you in the know of what you can enjoy each month, guilt free.

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Know the cost: Regular savers are successful because they know the cost of things and are never afraid to tot up balances. Make comparing prices a second nature!

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Have goals: Saving for that new car or holiday of a lifetime? Super savers keep their eyes on the prize and remember their incentives every day. Some of them put up a photo of the beach they will be holidaying on or the car they are saving for to keep their goal front of mind. If you want to know how much your savings will add up to check out these handy calculators.

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Are open to change: Great savers embrace change and see the positives in cutting back. Look at something you do once a week that you can live without. Ordering your dinner in just once a week can cost up to €20 per head – that's at least €1,000 a year. One small change like this will make a big difference to your savings account balance.

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Are realistic: There will be many instances throughout the year when prices will fluctuate. Regular savers roll with the punches and realise when heating and electricity bills will be higher. Let yourself loosen or tighten the purse strings, as needed, for Christmas and birthdays, for example.


Before you know it, it won't be such a struggle to save - even emptying your pockets into the change jar at the end of each day will become habit, leaving you with even more cash to pop into your EBS savings account. Success!

To find out more about the EBS Regular Savings Account and to apply for an account online just click here.


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