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Welcome to the EBS Blog pages

In this section of the site we will keep you updated with what's happening in EBS. We will talk with people who are involved or have benefited from our Corporate Social Responsibility programme, feature interviews with EBS customers and have articles with tips on topics such as renovating your home. We'll update these pages regularly so do check back for new updates.


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The 30-minute sitting room makeover to beat the blues

If your new year’s resolution is to live in a beautiful space, but you don’t quite have the budget or time, then you’re reading the right article ... read more

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7 Irish home trends for 2017

Whether you’re building or renovating, a new year is always an exciting time to make some decorating decisions. Before your head off on your spree though, it’s important to have an idea of what you’re after... read more

mortgage advisor tips

6 Resolutions every mortgage advisor wants buyers to make

Fad diets. Teatox. Smarter savings and finally venturing into the depths of a gym ... read more

save on mortgage

4 easy ways to save on your mortgage this year

Anyone who has gone through the torture of saving for a deposit knows how important every penny can be. You’ve looked on with envy as your co-workers fritter their money away on lattés and fancy takeaway lunches while you tuck into Tuesday’s curry on a Friday lunchtime ... read more

EBS Blackrock016 Copy

Secrets to buying in Blackrock

The Rock Road in Blackrock was once a notorious blackspot for highwaymen but you won’t see many robbers on horseback there these days ... read more

EBS Bray014

5 ways Bray is a great place to buy a house

Bray was once famous for being Ireland’s largest seaside resort but the north Wicklow town is probably best known for its home-grown talent these days ... read more

EBS Arklow025

How to buy your first home in Arklow

What does one of the greatest minds of the second century, an international rock star, a famous transatlantic voyage and an Olympic hero all have in common? The answer is, of course, Arklow ... read more

EBS Artane010

6 reasons you will want to live in Artane

It seems Artane has more celebrities than any other area of Dublin ... read more

EBS Dooradoyle001

Buying a house in Dooradoyle, Limerick

Limerick is one of the most affordable cities in the globe to buy a home, according to a 2016 housing affordability survey. Fancy that ... read more

EBS Greystones010

Is Greystones the best place to live in Wicklow?

Greystones is a beautiful coastal town in northern Wicklow. So beautiful, in fact, that the locals would claim that it’s the best place to live in the county ... read more


11 reasons to live in kilkenny

While you might know Kilkenny for its hurling legacy or its black limestone that lends it the nickname of ‘marble city’, the county’s got a lot to shout about ... read more

EBS Newbridge037

9 things you need to know before buying a house in Newbridge

While Newbridge is known around the world for its silverware, it’s also got an illustrious history of rope and carpet making. Of course, there’s also local legend Christy Moore* whose songs about his beloved Honda 50 and being an ‘Ordinary Man’ have made him a national star ... read more

shutterstock 100982899

Limerick City: the best value place to buy?

The term ‘value’ is usually pretty relative. What seems like good value for a home in Manhattan might be 10 times what it is in Monaleen on this side of the Atlantic. On most metrics, however, Limerick is a very good value place to go house hunting ... read more

16 things to know help to buy

16 things you didn't know about the Help to Buy Scheme

The Help to Buy scheme is the government’s answer to housing affordability in Ireland, and will be a big part of Budget 2017. The scheme will swoop in and give aid to first time buyers in the form of a tax rebate. This is much needed cash they can put towards their deposit– 5% of the price of the home they have their eye on (but only if it is a new build) ... read more

Help to buy first time buyers

Budget introduces Help to buy incentive worth up to €20,000 for first time buyers

First time buyers were among the Budget 2017 winners with the announcement of a new tax rebate that could save them up to €20,000 on the purchase of a new home ... read more

cost buying home Ireland 2017

How has the cost of buying a home changed for first time buyers?

House prices may have increased in 2016 but the economic recovery and new loan regulations have shielded First Time Buyer (FTB) couples from rising prices, according to the EBS/DKM index November 2016 ... read more

5 things you will be definitely put off this year

5 things you will definitely put off this year

We are all guilty of putting things on the long finger – whether it’s the Everest of clothes that needs ironing at the bottom of the bed or finally writing the thank-you notes from your wedding ... read more

child money manager

How to turn your child into a mini money manager

Mark Twain once said that “the secret to getting ahead is getting started.” That’s especially true when it comes to teaching your kids about money. The earlier your kids learn how to save and be responsible with money – the better it will be for you in the long run ... read more

bucket list

How to turn your bucket list into reality in 5 steps

You know those woeful Wednesdays when you’re stuck in work and nothing is going right? We all have them. You close your eyes and think of your happy place ... read more

future self

6 things your future self will thank you for

At this time of year – everyone is on a self-improvement buzz. Whether it’s going to the gym every day or juicing every item of food in your house – we are the best possible versions of ourselves for the first week or two in January ... read more

christmas irish home

10 signs you're having Christmas in an Irish home

Christmas is celebrated differently around the world. In Japan, for example, KFC is becoming a staple of Christmas dinner. In Austria, men dress up as the demon Krampus to roam the streets and frighten small children ... read more

shutterstock 324822800

7 ways black paint can transform you home this winter

It’s fair to say that the Rolling Stones weren’t thinking about home décor when they penned their classic hit, “Paint it Black.” Still, just like the musical legends, a drop of black paint can bring class and mystery to any room ... read more

shutterstock 345272036

Home Safe Home: 8 step winter checklist for a secure home

It’s essential that our homes are as toasty and as comfy as possible – you really don’t need a burst pipe or a broken heating system turning your hibernating haven into a leaky cave ... read more

shutterstock 324283724

Top tips to reduce the cost of your home insurance

If your home is your castle, think of home insurance as the moat that surrounds it and keeps all the stress and trouble at bay. No lord or lady of a castle ever wanted to test their moat by having an invading horde try and cross it. Likewise, no homeowner wants to end up in a situation where they have to make a claim ... read more

shutterstock 269724455

11 things that you didn't know are covered by home insurance

We all know that home insurance is a good thing but many of us are not entirely sure what our policy actually covers. If you were to take a pop quiz on your home insurance cover, how many questions do you think you could answer out of ten? ... read more

How to paint

7 signs you’ve gone wrong when painting a room

There’s nothing like repainting your new house to stamp your personality on the place. This is especially true if the previous owner thought that neon pink was a great colour for a living room ... read more

house heartache

House ache: what to do when you and your partner can’t agree on a home

Choosing which home to buy is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make so it’s no surprise that house hunting has tested many a relationship over the years ... read more

choosing bricks and mortar

Choosing the right bricks and mortar for your Self Build

Ah, bricks! Not exactly a riveting subject for most of us. Never in your life did you think the size, colour and material of a brick would be high on your list of dinner topics ... read more

saving for a mortgage

Before I save for my first mortgage: the 5 step prep guide

If you’re planning to run a 10k, it’s always a good idea to do a bit of training before you attempt the main event. You don’t have to adopt the training regime of an Olympic athlete but doing some work ahead of the race should prevent you from collapsing as you reach the halfway point ... read more

irish kitchens

7 Irish kitchens every home buyer needs to see

Once just a room for practicalities and necessity, our attitudes towards the kitchen has really evolved over the years. In most old homes, the kitchen was built to accommodate only one or two cooks. Nowadays the kitchen is the new living room. Families tend to hang out there and enjoy cooking as a sociable hobby ... read more

repayment capacity

The first time buyer’s guide to Repayment Capacity

You’ve been on the road to buying your own home a few months now, and this phrase has taken on a whole new meaning. In fact, you’re learning at least three new things a day – you never thought you’d be genuinely interested in the intricacies of fixing skirting boards or the difference between LTV and LTI ... read more

signs house hunters should look for

5 signs every house hunter should look for in an area

Everyone wants to buy their dream home but the reality is that no house exists in a vacuum. As the old saying goes, buy the worst house in a good neighbourhood, not the best house in a bad neighbourhood ... read more


5 reasons to check out EBS' 2% Back in Cash offer

We’re all preconditioned to be suspicious of things that look too good to be true. So you’d be forgiven for thinking that nobody would want to give you a home loan and then hand back 2% of that loan in cash. But you’d be wrong ... read more

monopoly houses

When the price is right: 5 steps to finding your target house price

While you might be tempted to fall head over heels for a gorgeous house by the sea, you may need to hold your horses and check back in with reality. Otherwise you may well end up feeling the sting of rejection and heartache when you realise you can’t quite afford that house ... read more

moving joint mortgage

5 things to know about moving to a joint mortgage

There are various steps along the path to sharing your life with someone. From leaving a toothbrush in their place to having a drawer set aside for a change of clothes, there are seminal moments along the way that assume a certain significance ... read more

buying home with partner

The 5 arguments every first time buyer will have with their other half

While love may be blind, you don’t want to run head first into home-buying with your eyes closed. And sure, most of the time you adore your other half. They’re funny, they’re supportive, and your life together is pretty damn great ... read more

negative equity Ireland

In negative equity: what are my options?

Negative equity is one of those terms that could make even the calmest homeowner wake up in a cold sweat. It’s an emotionally-charged phrase that represents most homeowners’ worst nightmare. However, it doesn’t have to be the end of the world ... read more

househunting Ireland

How to survive a house viewing in Ireland

Buying season can be the house hunting equivalent of a battlefield with swathes of buyers to beat to the coveted prize ... read more

Housing Action Plan Ireland

The first time buyers' guide to the Government Action Plan for Housing

Crisis? What crisis? You only have to look at high rents, low housing stock, and sluggish construction rates to know that the Irish housing market needs more than a band-aid to fix it ... read more

time of year to sell

When is the best time of year to sell and why?

“The early bird gets the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese,” as the saying goes. So much in life comes down to good or bad timing and selling property is no different. Time it right and you’ll be well-placed to make a sale but get it wrong and you’ll have plenty of time to look at the sign outside your door ... read more

mortgage ready

How to prepare for your mortgage meeting

Preparing for your first mortgage meeting doesn’t have to be an ordeal. It’s not like you’re training to fight Conor McGregor. Or sitting in an exam room when you suddenly realise that you haven’t studied – does anyone else ever get that dream? ... read more

trades self build

Calling in the trades: The essential guide for your self build

Calling in the trades for your self build isn’t as simple as whipping out the yellow pages, hiring Bob the Builder up the road and a bunch of his friends ... read more

how to build a house1

7 ways to check if your dream house is built to last

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you’re ever going to make – so you want a home that will stand the test of time. And even though we’d all like to think that our dream home will still be standing in 200 years, the reality is that not every house is a castle ... read more

self build mistakes

The 7 biggest mistakes self builders make

Building your own home can be one of the most rewarding things you can do, but there are pitfalls you need to watch out for – even for those who fancy themselves as a bit of a Bob the Builder type ... read more

first week in home

5 signs it's your first week in your new home

They say your home is your castle but moving in can be a bit strange at first. It almost feels like you’re an invading force. It’s not quite home yet. Still, it won’t be long before you’re flying the flag with everything just the way you want ... read more

buy vs rent

5 reasons buying a home is better than renting

Choosing a main course in a restaurant can be a stressful business. Do you want the chicken dish you know is a safe bet, or the more expensive and tasty-looking steak? ... read more

5 signs to move in with partner

5 signs you're ready to move in with your partner

The ‘m’ word. Agh! Why does it create ‘the fear’ amongst so many Irish couples? ... read more

money saving tips

4 weekend ideas for deposit savers

“Saving for a mortgage deposit? That means no more going out. No spending money. Sure I’ll be sitting in watching two channels, dreaming about a night on the tiles.” ... read more

types of first time buyer

What kind of first time buyer are you?

As with everything in life, almost no two first time buyers are the same. Maybe one earns more money but is a woeful saver ... read more

move in with mammy

How to move back in with your Ma so you can start saving for a house

Picture the scene: you dial the number and she picks up. “Hello mam,” you say, voice shaking, “I need to talk to you. It’s about where I’m living.” ... read more

how much deposit

How much deposit do I need to buy my first home

You've moved back home to your parents, you've cut back on nights out and you haven't had a holiday in years ... read more

break icE new neighbours

7 ways to break the ice with the new neighbours

It was once considered weird if you didn’t know the people who lived next door. Nowadays, it’s almost more unusual for new neighbours to make an effort to fit in ... read more

saving money mortgage

6 ways to save money when you are moving home

Congrats! You’re nearly all set for the big move into your new home. It’s an exciting time – and we don’t blame you if you’re absolutely buzzing ... read more

steps applying for a mortgage

5 things to fix before you apply for your mortgage in Ireland

Will your first home be smaller than you hoped and located on the fringes of the area you really want to live in? Or will it be the house of your dreams with plenty of light, space for the kids and a nice garden to boot? ... read more

Buying house with partner resized

With these keys I thee wed...Buying a home before getting married

First comes love...then comes mortgage. More and more people are buying a home together before they get married ... read more

spend without telling partner resized

How much would you spend without telling your partner?

“The most I would spend before telling Jonathan is...€1,000.”

That revelation was pure telly gold in RTE’s reality show Then Comes Marriage? ... read more

Mortgage 20s young buyer resized

Can you get a mortgage in your 20s?

While plenty of people might argue blind that ’30 is the new 20’, does that saying reflect in 20-somethings who want a mortgage of their own? ... read more

Finding perfect location resized

8 steps to finding your perfect home location

The TV show Location, Location, Location made Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer household names* - viewers couldn’t get enough of their savvy house hunting advice. The secret of the show’s success was in the title, as we all know that location is one of the most important parts of choosing your home ... read more

Buy House Ireland resized

7 little things to check before you buy a house

Picture this – it’s the first day in your new home.

You spring out of bed and jump in the shower, prepared to belt out your favourite song. But then you turn the water on and all that comes out of the showerhead is a pathetic trickle. And there goes your great mood, right down the drain ... read more

saving for mortgage resized

7 bad habits you need to kick to buy your first home

So you’re all set and ready to buy your first home – and first on the list is getting mortgage approval. This all comes down to some key factors: security and consistency of income, and your outgoings and savings ... read more

snagging self build resized

4 essential tips for snagging your self build

It’s the little things that catch us out when planning a self build. Maybe a power outlet is too far away to be useful or one of your lights is so wonky, it’s putting the Leaning Tower of Pisa to shame ... read more

Buying home single

Single and ready to mortgage: A quick guide to buying a house on your todd

Whether you’ve come out of the other end of a breakup or you’re more comfortable by yourself, getting a mortgage on your own can seem like a pipe dream ... read more

Irish Mammy Moving home

6 things your Irish Mammy will say when you're buying your first home - and why you should listen

Buying your first home is a journey in itself – but the ride is made all the more exasperating with the fussing and ‘foostering’ of the Irish Mammy ... read more

small space home hacks

6 home hacks to increase the size of a small space

So you love your small space – you really do. Truth be known, you’re as snug as a bug in a rug ... read more

Mortgage application

5 things that won't actually ruin your mortgage application

Despite what you may have heard, mortgage advisors don’t spend their spare time sitting in a lair somewhere, stroking their beard while devising reasons why you can’t have a mortgage ... read more

Couple saving mortgage

5 behaviours that will ruin your couples home savings plan

Talking about buying your first home was so exciting at the beginning – and romantic ... read more

Buy home Ireland signs to buy

4 signs you're ready to buy your own home

Funny how one sentence can be music to some people’s ears, but will instil the fear of god in others. That’s because owning a home has many benefits, but it’s also a big responsibility ... read more

when get keys new home

The top 6 things to do when you get the keys to your new home

You’ve finally got the keys to your new home, and you’re as excited as a kid at Christmas ... read more

home savings plan couples

I'm saving more than he is - how to create a fair home savings plan

Before you started saving for your new home, you and your partner both sat down and formed a well-thought out savings plan ... read more

trade up apartment Ireland

How to trade up when your apartment is driving you mad

Hands up if you could be called an apartmentaler – yes, that’s those of you whose apartments are driving you mental! ... read more

mortgage myths

Debunking the 7 biggest mortgage myths

The idea of a mortgage is a relatively simple concept. You ask a lending institute for a home loan, they see if you can afford it, and then lend you the money if you can. ... read more

moving home Ireland

7 things you should expect in the first month in your new home

You've just crossed the threshold of your new home and you're feeling like the lord or lady of the manor ... read more

7 things make house hard to sell

7 things that make your house impossible to sell

Like your mum always said: you’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression ... read more

costs buying home Ireland

7 hidden costs to consider when buying your next home in Ireland

When you first saw your house, you thought ‘This is cosy’. But the charm has faded – now your home is bursting at the seams, and no amount of trips to IKEA is going to solve your storage problems ... read more

find house Ireland

7 things only Irish house hunters will understand

The excitement of buying your first home may have been dampened every-so-slightly after those first five viewings ... read more

how to get mortgage

5 habits that will help you get your first mortgage

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step: so said Chinese philosopher Laozi ... read more

house hunting Ireland

Love at first viewing: 5 signs you’ve fallen in love with a house

Your heart is beating fast, flush in your chest. Your hands are sweaty in nervous anticipation, but you’re sure. This is the one for you ... read more

House Prices Ireland 2016

EBS DKM Index reveals mortgage affordability in every county in Ireland

Mortgage affordability for First Time Buyers (FTBS) continues to improve, says a new study by consultants DKM for EBS (Jan 2016) ... read more

time to move out of your parents house   Copy

7 signs you need to move out of your parent's house

There comes the right stage in life when it’s time to flee the nest. But sometimes, that stage can drag on a little longer than it should ... read more

thomond park Limerick EBS

What you need to know about buying a house in Limerick

Limerick is a city that has many claims to fame but it’s probably best known as the unofficial “Sports Capital of Ireland”. ... read more

EBS Portlaoise Main

A guide to buying a home in Portlaoise

Portlaoise is making a name for itself as one of the fastest growing towns in Ireland and as a place that can also attract the biggest A-List celebs. ... read more

EBS Mullingar Office Main

A quick guide to buying a house in Mullingar

Not many towns in Ireland can claim to have been named after a miracle. But Mullingar in Co Westmeath supposedly owes its name to the legendary feats of St Colman of Lynn. ... read more

Dunlaoighre pier

A house buyer's guide to Dun Laoghaire

Dun Laoghaire was traditionally known as the “Gateway of Ireland” and the harbour town’s inviting East coast location made it an obvious destination for sea-bound visitors. ... read more

First home Crumlin

What you need to know about buying a house in Crumlin

There must be something in the water in Crumlin because this Dublin village has produced a lot of Irish icons. ... read more

EBS Patrick Street main

Why Cork is a great place to buy a home

Ask any Cork person where the real capital of Ireland is and you’ll get very short odds on their answer!. ... read more

EBS Save New Home Deposit

How to get serious about saving without sacrificing your social life

Now that you’re saving for a mortgage, you’ll have to say goodbye to all your friends and become a social outcast. Only joking! Of course you won’t. ... read more

save mortgage with partner

3 Questions to ask your partner before savings for your first home

Would you rather discuss the dishwasher rota than who is paying the gas bill? Many Irish couples ... read more

EBS Anytime Survey Irish Time Irish people extra hour in day

If we had an extra hour in the day

What would the Irish do if they were given an extra hour in the day? Because EBS values your time so much, we had to find out ... read more

EBS Anytime Irish timekeeping Survey Irish Time

The Irish and their timekeeping

How are the Irish for timekeeping? How many of us are late, and how does each county compare? ... read more

EBS Anytime men vs women survey irish time

Men vs Women

The time battle of the sexes: how do we really compare when it comes to spending free time, lies and lateness? ... read more


The Big Survey of Irish Time

Hold your horses!' We asked illustrator Rob Stears to create the most loved Irish phrases from the 'Big Survey of Irish Time' ... read more

EBS Dundalk why move

Why Dundalk is the perfect place to buy a house

Dundalk has always been a town of strategic importance. As a gateway to the north, the area is the setting for the classic tale of Irish mythology: The Cattle Raid of Cooley... read more

EBS Rathnfarnham buy house opt

How to get the best deal when buying a house in Rathfarnham

Rathfarnham is the ideal location for a growing family... read more

EBS Killiney buy home

Killiney Property Secrets – how to find the right home for you

You don't have to be a millionaire rock star to buy a home in Killiney... read more

EBS DCU Why move

The home-buyer’s guide to Dublin’s Whitehall

If you want advice on buying a house in Whitehall, there's no better woman to ask than the manager of the local EBS branch... read more

EBS Stillorgan getting a mortgage

I want to buy a house in Stillorgan - what do I need to know?

Big houses have always been a feature of the Stillorgan landscape... read more

EBS Tallaght arts centre

Everything you need to know about buying a house in Tallaght

Reasonable prices and a huge selection of homes are the main attractions of Dublin 24... read more

EBS Phibsboro Blessington Basin reasons to mvoe

10 minutes from the city – why Phibsboro is a great option for First Time Buyers

Located a mile from the city centre, Phibsboro has been popular with renters and home-owners for well over a century... read more

EBS Malahide local amenities

Buying a house in Malahide? Read this first

Castles, yachts, watersports, great restaurants, a nice beach and a buzzing social scene.... What's not to like about Malahide? ... read more

EBS Wilton why move

How to buy your first home in Wilton, Co. Cork

Wilton is one of Cork city's busiest and most bustling suburbs, and at its very hub and heart is one of the country's largest hospitals, the sprawling CUH campus – for many years dubbed the 'Wilton Hilton'... read more

EBS Drumcondra croke park buy home

5 things you need to know before buying in Drumcondra

A presidential pub, a bishop's palace, a builder with a century-old reputation still intact and Ireland's biggest sports arena – Drumcondra is not your average Dublin suburb... read more

EBS Baggot Street canal reasons to move

Urban living - can i afford to buy a house in the hipster capital?

The four-story Georgian splendor of Baggot Street isn't the usual target market for First Time Buyers (FTBs). But that's no reason not to call into the EBS office on Lower Baggot Street... read more

EBS Swords history

Why you should buy your first home in Swords

Why buy an apartment when you can buy a potential family home for almost the same price in Swords?... read more

EBS Douglas cork city reasons to move

Is Douglas the best place to live in County Cork?

Douglas is a real hot-spot for Cork home buyers and was one of the first places to see house prices rise after the slump. One of the main reasons for its popularity is that Douglas is close to both the city and the country... read more

EBS Blanchardstown shopping centre

I want to buy a house in Blanchardstown – what do I need to know?

Go West young buyer, go West. The catch-dry is old but still holds true in one way for First Time Buyers (FTBs). They can get a family-sized home at a relatively reasonable price on the west side of County Dublin... read more

EBS Navan why move

The essential guide to buying a home in Navan

What have Tommy Tiernan, Pierce Brosnan and Admiral Sir Francis Beaufort got in common*? Not a lot. But they do all hail from Navan, notes Alan Sweeney, manager of the local EBS... read more

EBS Clontarf seafront houses

Why Clontarf is one of the most popular locations in Dublin

The battle of Clontarf was bloody and fiercely-fought with no quarter asked and none given. No, not the one where Brian Boru beat the Vikings – the battle to buy a family home in Dublin 3's most popular leafy seaside suburb!... read more

EBS Rathmines rwhy move

9 reasons everyone wants to live in Ranelagh and Rathmines

There's something special about Dublin 6 that makes buyers willing to pay quite a lot of money to live there. Killiney – home to Bono and many other high-profile celebs... read more

EBS Drogheda city move home

11 reasons you’ll want to live in Drogheda

Anyone who went to school in north Leinster may have vivid memories of Drogheda. We were bussed there in our thousands to view Ireland's most famous religious relic: St. Oliver Plunkett's head... read more

EBS Skerries buy a house

Buying a house in Skerries – is this the best move you could make?

A few seaside villages in Dublin have their own islands. Howth has Ireland's Eye, Malahide looks onto Lambay and Dalkey Island is called after its mainland namesake... read more


How to buy in Dublin city centre without a massive mortgage

An urban lifestyle sipping cappuccinos in hipster cafes and strolling into work in five minutes sounds very nice. But it's just one of the reasons more people are choosing to buy homes near Dublin city centre.

Price is another big incentive. The North City, for example, has the lowest median asking price of any part of Dublin at €160,000 – just over half that of Dublin South. However, this gap is closing fast – and prospective buyers know it... read more

 EBS VoX Head Shots 720x327

Savers in Ireland make a payday promise

We all like a little payday treat and there's no problem with that. We're also getting better at saving money for the future. So when it comes to payday, what do people splurge on and what are they saving for?... read more

 EBS saving 12Ways Thermostat 160X160

12 Ideas to Help You Save More Money Today

We’re all looking for little ways to help us get to our saving’s goal. Here are a dozen things that might just help you save a little more money each year... read more

 EBS savings habit calculator 160X160

6 Habits of Really Great Savers in Ireland

Saving money can seem like a big mountain to climb for a lot of people in Ireland. But the good news is you don't have to give up everything you love to get to the top. Turning saving into an overall habit, day-to-day, is a sure fire way to success... read more

 EBS saving habits list 160X160V2

Start the Savings Habit With a Payday Promise

Most Irish people have good intentions when it comes to saving, especially during the long months when it’s five weeks between paydays. But it’s amazing how much you can save in just a year when you make a payday promise to put a little money aside each month into a regular savings account... read more


Savvy Saver Blog

If you are saving for your next holiday, the deposit for a new house or a new pair of shoes, you know how important it is to have a few savvy savings tips in your pocket. A few small changes can help you save more, so that you reach your savings goal sooner. Xpose presenter Karen Koster shares a few savings tips of her own... read more


Problems to look for in second hand homes in Ireland

You’d love a home with a bit of character that you can put your own stamp on. But how do you go about sussing out a second-hand house?

Not every estate agent will describe the house as it truly is. An exception is this home in Dublin which the estate agent billed as ‘Grotty, rickety and slimey’. In a tongue in cheek description he warned buyers: “Do not be misled by the attractive exterior of this double fronted village cottage with its dirty sash windows and rickety hall door; all is not well on the inside”... read more



What colours will help sell my home?

For anyone who has ever viewed a house painted in a fetching shade of pink or bedazzled with retro wallpaper, you’ll know the lasting impression colour can make.

Striking the balance between homely and eye-catching and magnolia and forgettable can be tricky. How do you make your house not only look right, but feel right for perspective buyers?... read more


The beginners guide to buying a house at auction in Ireland

Nothing in the home-buying process can quite match the excitement of an auction.

Private treaty sales are usually long drawn out affairs. The bidding process can go on for weeks with lots of time to think about whether or not to take the plunge... read more


How new legislation will impact your home building project

Are you planning to build your own home? If so, a change to the building regulations in Ireland may have major repercussions for your plans.

Irelands’ DIY-savvy couples used to be able to keep the budget down by doing much of the work themselves and using inexpensive generic designs. But, since March 1 2014, new regulations require them to call in the professionals... read more


Which renovations add the most value to your home?

Though the real estate market has suffered its knockbacks in recent years, in some parts of the country, housing is still a hot commodity. The prices may have dropped, but they are still selling.

Putting it simply; people will always need to live somewhere. Maximising your house’s potential before putting it on the market is probably the best investment you can make... read more


How not to sell your home - 7 things that will put buyers off

So you’ve decided to sell your home and suddenly you’re in a desperate rush to remember all of Kirstie and Phil’s tips from Location, Location, Location. You want prospective buyers to love your home as much as you do. But sometimes they may need a bit of a helping hand... read more

7 ways to update your home for under a grand

If you’re addicted to home makeover shows like Neville’s Doorstep Challenge, you’ll probably already know you can do a lot to a room with €1,000... read more

5 things that lenders look for before giving you a mortgage

Getting mortgage approval is not quite as simple as saving a deposit, filling out a form and being handed a couple of hundred thousand euros, thank you very much.

In the last few years lenders have tightened up the criteria for granting mortgages.  Of course there is still the paperwork – such as filling out forms and providing bank statements. But what are mortgage lenders really looking for?... read more


A church, a castle and a railhouse... would you buy these houses?

Fancy living in a castle a church or even a watchtower?

For those of you who were inspired by the Forbes list of 12 Strange and Unusual Houses
, we’ve decided to have a look for some Irish equivalents... read more

7 more things to know before building your home in Ireland

Building your own home is like running a small business. You need to be a master of organising and keeping on top of the budget... read more

Home renovation grant in Ireland - 5 things you need to know

Free Government money? Yes, we thought that would get your attention!

Many homeowners who thought that their 2006 home purchase would have been swapped for something with at least two more bedrooms and a bigger kitchen by now are thinking about renovating instead... read more

How to pick an estate agent to sell your home in Ireland

So you're trading up at last? The value of your first home has finally risen out of negative equity and you can shop around for a bigger one with room for your growing family.

The first thing you must do is find an estate agent to help sell your home for the best possible price and with the minimum fuss and delay... read more

 deposit first home ireland-thumbnail

How much deposit do I need to buy my first home?

You've moved back home to your parents, you've cut back on nights out and you haven't had a holiday in years. Getting a deposit together is the first priority for any prospective home-owner and more Irish people in their 20s and 30s are getting serious about saving for a deposit... read more

7 clever questions you should always ask your estate agent

You've just gotten your mortgage approval in principle from EBS so you can't wait to start looking for your new home. In fact you've trawled every property website in Ireland and shortlisted 5 houses for viewing this weekend... read more


Savvy savings tips to be mortgage ready in 12 months

If you're saving for a mortgage an extra €3,000 a year would probably go a long way to reaching your savings goal.

If you focus on what you're spending and make a few adjustments it can really make a difference to your bank balance... read more


How to finance your self build home in Ireland

You've found the perfect plot of land in a little corner of Ireland that you can't stop thinking about. Now you want to build your own home. But how do you go about financing the build and staying on top of your budget?... read more


 5 things to fix before you apply for your mortgage in Ireland

Will your first home be smaller than you hoped and located on the fringes of the area you really want to live in? Or will it be the house of your dreams with plenty of light, space for the kids and a nice garden to boot?

The difference could be decided by how much you can borrow... read more


 9 must do searches before buying your house in Ireland

You've just seen your dream home: a three-bed semi in beautiful condition.
It has a conservatory, jacuzzi-bath tub and an attic conversion. And, incredibly, it's going for a song and you're the only bidder!... read more

 What every first time byer should know ireland thumbnail

9 things every first time home buyer should know

So you're all set to buy your first home. You've scrimped and saved for years to get a deposit watching the market go down and then up.

Now, armed with your freshly approved mortgage, you are ready to buy just like EBS customer Paul Furlong (pictured here) who bought his first home in north Dublin... read more

 Houses-under-100k ireland thumbnail

Can you really buy a house in Ireland for under €100k?

Are there still bargains to be snapped up in the property market in Ireland? On a nationwide basis, the answer is most definitely yes.

Soaring Dublin house prices have grabbed the headlines, but the rest of the country still offers great value... read more


Setting Up Your Event

Whether you are planning to host an event in your workplace, school, with friends or family, this step-by-step guide will assist you in planning a successful Great Irish Bake event from start to finish... read more


What is The Great Irish Bake?

Tens of thousands of Irish children are healed back to health at Temple Street Children's Hospital every year. But with every child that is treated, the hospital's needs grow... read more


Raise some dough for Temple Street

EBS is proud to sponsor, for the second year, Temple Street's "The Great Irish Bake"... read more


National Carers Week 2013

National Carers Week 2013 runs from June 10th - 16th and is all about Family Carers. The week is supported by EBS - if you know anyone looking after a parent, sibling, child or other relative, take the time to think about how you can make a small difference to them. Check the out the events page on www.carersweek.ie to see if there's something happening close to you that they might enjoy. For more information... read more


Home and Mortgage Blog

Whether you are buying your first home or trading up to a new house, once the mortgage is sorted the next step is often planning the interior of your new home. Low costs don't have to mean low- quality finishes when it comes to renovating on a budget. Celebrity architect Dermot Bannon has advice for those considering a renovation... read more

The Great Irish Bake

Raise dough for Temple St! We find out more about hosting a cake sale all in aid of Temple St Children's Hospital and Donal Skehan shares his yummy Brownie recipe ... read more

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