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Tuesday, 21 January 2014 16:17

Savers in Ireland make a payday promise

We all like a little payday treat and there's no problem with that. We're also getting better at saving money for the future. So when it comes to payday, what do people splurge on and what are they saving for?

EBS VoX Karen Trevor 160x160Trevor and Karen Long from County Cork have different priorities for splashing out on payday. Trevor would buy himself a new "power tool" such as a table saw; while Karen would get some trendy new clobber for herself or the kids. But they both agree on the target for a longer-term savings plan – a brand new 4x4.


EBS VoX Tom Smyth 160x160


Tom Smyth from Athenry, Co Galway likes to splurge on Stanley, his pet Staffordshire terrier. When payday comes he'd like to buy him a treat or take him to the doggie groomers for a spruce-up. Longer term, Tom's payday promise is to get a "nearly new" car. "I'd go for a slightly used demo model for the best value," says Tom.



EBS VoX Jim Glackin 160x160Jim Glackin, who lives in Letterkenny Co Donegal, likes going to Dublin to eat out "in a really nice restaurant" for his payday treat. "Donegal is fabulous but it's nice to have a change and Dublin has great restaurants," he says. His long-term savings focus is on his pension, so he can continue to eat out in nice restaurants when he retires in a few years' time.


 EBS VoX Alex Connon 160x160


Student Alex Connon has a part-time job and her payday splurge goes on "make-up and clothes", sometimes snapping up bargains in the sales. She also manages to salt away a few euros regularly to go towards her favourite longer-term savings treat – a holiday in Marbella.


EBS VoX Wendy Hederman 160x160Wendy Hederman from Dublin likes to treat herself to a "fun night out" with friends. Her venue of choice is a swish bistro with good ambience. And her payday promise? For the longer term she's saving for a "sailing holiday with the kids who love getting out on the water.


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