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Wednesday, 17 April 2013 15:41

Savvy Saver

Written by  Annette O'Meara, a freelance journalist, editor of Prudence, film buff and food fanatic.
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Xpose presenter Karen Koster who knows a thing or two about being a savvy saver. Annette O'Meara chats to Karen.  KarenK

When did you start saving? Did you have a savings account as a child?
I was around seven years old when I opened my first bank account. Off I headed to my local bank with my communion money. After that I was on the road to a lifetime of saving - apart from the lengthy saving sabbaticals I took during my teens!

Are you saving for anything specific at the moment?
I've always wanted a pair of J Brand jeans but can't bring myself to fork out the cash for them. But the next time I'm feeling flush I'll be spending that extra money on some new jeans.

Advice for new savers?
Always ask yourself before buying something do I need this? Or do I just want it? That used to help me when I was weighing up whether to buy something or not. It's not a nice argument to have in your head but it's got to be done.

Any savvy travel tips?
As I do so much travelling back and forth to London for work my top tip is specifically for iPhone users travelling with Aer Lingus. You can now check in on your phone. So instead of printing out a boarding pass you just flash them the barcode on your iPhone and board using that. Genius!

Savvy fashion advice?
I used to love fast fashion. But now I'm coming to the conclusion that if you buy cheap you buy twice. Some clothes are worth spending more on. So now I splash out on a good coat, pair of boots and two pairs of jeans a year. The rest you can do without if you're trying to save.

How have your spending/saving habits changed in the last few years?
Before I bought my own place last year I saved like a maniac. Then after I moved in I spent, spent, spent! I was in every Cost Plus Sofa and Beds Etc up and down the country. Overall it was an expensive year. And since I've swapped fashion for furniture my apartment looks fabulous at the expense of my wardrobe.

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