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Home Insurance from EBS

Welcome to EBS Home Insurance. We have put together all the information that you need to know about house insurance from EBS. Whether you live in your home, rent one, or have one that you rent out, we have an insurance policy for you. Have a look at our tips about weather proofing your home and don't forget to download the checklist you need to make sure that your house is ready for any kind of Irish weather. Don't forget to request your home insurance quote today.

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Buildings & Contents

And it's free for 4 months!

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Could you save with EBS Insurance? Great news. Our Home Insurance is free for 4 months. That's 36% off your annual bill! Check out more details here.

EBS Contents Only

Love your stuff?

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If you love your stuff and need to make sure that you can replace it, our EBS Contents Only insurance is perfect for you. Find out more here!

EBS Buy to Let Insurance

If you are a landlord, we have something for you too!

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Tailored to the needs of a rented property with some great extras, if you are a landlord this product is just for you! Click here for more information.

Tips for you

Need help weather proofing your home?

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Here are some helpful tips about how to prepare your home for the different types of weather. Don't forget to check out the Weatherproof checklist! Click here for more.

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Great Customer Service

How to make a claim

Need to make a claim? Click here to find out how easy it is to make a claim on any of our EBS Home Insurance policies.

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