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What do I need to bring to a Money Advice Meeting?

Whether you’re looking for Money Advice on your Savings & Investments or Money Advice on all of your Finances there are a number of things you should take into account. Most importantly, remember, that the overall purpose is to benefit you and give you reassurance that your finances are on track to meet your goals or to help identify any gaps in your finances that you might like to start addressing.

During the Money Advice Meeting you will be asked for personal financial information, such as your income, your outgoings and expenses, details of any loans and, if completing a Full Money Advice Meeting, details of any current pension provisions you have in place. This information is required so your Money Adviser can build up a correct and complete picture of your current finances and make suitable and appropriate recommendations. While you do not have to provide any information, without it the Money Adviser will not be able to get a full picture of your financial situation

Savings & Investments Money Advice Meeting:

Information you should bring;

  • Details of any existing savings or investments plans you have
  • Details of any loans, credit cards or debts you have
  • Salary details
  • Details of your monthly or annual outgoings and expenditure
  • Details of any upcoming expenses or events you might be saving for, and what your target for these is, e.g. child going to college, wedding, etc

Full Money Advice Meeting:

As above, plus;

  • Details of any Pension plans you already have
  • Details of any Protection or Life Cover plans you already have

You should also be sure to bring:

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