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Anytime Mortgage Meetings. Tropic!


EBS will meet to discuss mortgages 'Anytime'. Early mornings. Late nights. Even on weekends. And, to borrow a word from Ireland's most unreliable plumber, we reckon that's tropic. And to celebrate that fact we're giving you a chance to follow in that same plumber's footsteps. Yes, you could win a week in Torremolinos! Watch the video here. You could be off on your holliers. It's gonna be tropic.

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The Big Survey of Irish Time

Download the report to get all the insights.

When we say 'hang on a minute', or 'in donkey's years', how long do we really mean? What is the most annoying Irish phrase about time? EBS surveyed 1,014 respondents in the 'Big Survey of Irish Time'.

The Big Survey of Irish Time

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'Hold your horses!' We asked illustrator Rob Stears to create the most loved Irish phrases from the 'Big Survey of Irish Time'. Read more...

Men vs. Women

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The time battle of the sexes: how do we really compare when it comes to spending free time, lies and lateness? Read more...

The Irish and their timekeeping

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How are the Irish for timekeeping? How many of us are late, and how does each county compare? Read more...

If we had an extra hour in the day

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What would the Irish do if they were given an extra hour in the day? Because EBS values your time so much, we had to find out. Read more...

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