NGN Phone Number Change    

Due to changes being introduced by the COMREG (Commission for Communications Regulation), we are withdrawing our phone numbers that start with 1850 and 1890.

1850 and 1890 numbers will be withdrawn on 1 January 2022.

Where can I find the replacement numbers?

When you call an 1850 or 1890 number, you’ll hear a message giving you the new replacement number. Our website will be updated to show the new numbers as will brochures and correspondence.

What happens if I call an 1850, 1890 or 076 number now?

When you call an 1850 or 1890 number, from now until 1 January 2022, you will still get through to us and a message will tell you the new number. After 1 January 2022 it will not be possible to reach us on these numbers. As the new numbers are live we suggest you use them from now.

Will there be any change in cost when I ring the replacement number?

The removal of 1850 and 1890 numbers has been introduced by COMREG to simplify the amount of what are called “non-geographic numbers” available for use (reducing them from five to two). This will give you more clarity on the costs associated with calling these numbers.

The charges for calling into our contact centres are determined by your phone provider. If you have any concerns please check with your phone provider.

For more information, from COMREG, about this change, please visit