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Navan Landscape

17 Feb 2017

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What have Tommy TiernanPierce Brosnan and Admiral Sir Francis Beaufort got in common*? Not a lot. But they do all hail from Navan, notes Alan Sweeney, manager of the local EBS.

Sir Francis's surname might be familiar from weather forecasts, which still use the Beaufort Scale to measure wind strength – as in Gale Force 8, Storm Force 9 etc.

Actor Pierce Brosnan – who played James Bond – needs no introduction. And nor does comedian Tommy Tiernan*.



"Tommy apparently attended St Patrick's Classical School in the town along with (fellow comedian) Dylan Moran and (comedian/mouthy presenter) Hector Ó' hEochagáin*," says Alan (poor teachers!).

St. Patrick's is one of 14 schools in Navan. "There are a lot of high quality schools here," Alan says. One is even named after the aforementioned Sir Francis, although this intrepid mariner is unlikely to have attended land school for long – as he went to sea at 13.

Navan, close to Dublin

This Meath Town used to be famously advertised as "only an hour from Dublin." Now, like many places linked to the capital by motorways, the journey time is a lot shorter. "Depending on what time of the day you could be in O'Connell Street in 40 minutes," says Alan.

And that's good for would-be commuters who want to get away from the over-priced and overcrowded capital. "39,000 people leave Meath to work in a different country; that's 54% of the working population," he says of the county, where commuting has become a way of life.

"A lot of Dubliners sold up and moved to Navan in the boom, especially on the Dublin side of town, so there is a good mix of people."

"As a result there is a huge amount of houses in a relatively small area. Prices also went down significantly in the crash. So there's value and choice to be had," Alan says.

Great selection of good value houses in Navan

In the Navan area as we went to press, 190 homes were listed for sale on Myhome.ie with around 122 listed on Daft.ie. (Accessed May 2017). Of these, no fewer than 52 (including a handful of sites) were in the sub-€150,000 bracket.

Apartments in the town hare on the market for as little as €65,000, and two-bedroom properties are on teh market starting at €97,500. And, most importantly, three-bed homes still have asking prices from around €130,000. So price is a big plus if you're thinking of moving to Navan.


(Don't forget you can set up property alerts for your areas of interest with Myhome.ie and Daft so you are immediately made aware when a new home comes on the market.)

Lots to do in Navan

Shopping is also good with almost full occupation of retail space in the town and many new shops opening in the retail parks. And if you fancy a day out and flutter on the gee-gees, Navan Racecourse is not too far away.


On the downside, there is no train and the M3 can get clogged by traffic during rush hour.

"But there is talk of a train service opening up to Navan, or at least a bus shuttle to a train station. That would transform accessibility to the town by taking rush-hour traffic out of the commuting equation. And it wouldn't do any harm to property prices either!" says Alan.

EBS Navan

Navan: Where's best?

For First Time Buyers:

Alan recommends that buyers should check out Donaghmore, Dublin Road, and Athlumney Castle for good value. And for real bargain buys there are Canterbrook and Clonmagadden, where a nicely-presented three-bed semi costs from €153,000.

Commuting to Navan

"If you're thinking of commuting, anything within 5 minutes' drive to the M3 would be ideal. Johnstown, Dublin Road and Trim Road all fit the bill here," Alan recommends.

Navan for families:

Access to schools is always a major priority for families. With this in mind, Alan recommends Slane Road, Abbeylands and Johnstown. Boyne Road is also sought-after and home to St Michael's Loreto Secondary School for girls which dates back to 1833 and among whose alumni numbers jockey Nina Carberry*.

If you want to live in a spacious four-bed detached home along this Road, you might have to pay Dublin prices with the cheapest four-bed on this road coming in at €395,000. However, you can also get sizeable properties nearby for less than half that figure, ones that are ideal for a growing family.

Thinking of buying a house in Navan?

Before you go house hunting it's a good idea to get your mortgage arranged – or at least discussed so you know where you stand.

Get the ball rolling with our First Time Buyer and Next Time Buyer guides. You can use our mortgage calculator to find out how much you may be able to borrow.

EBS Navan

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House Prices taken from MyHome.ie accessed May 2017.

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