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The home-buyer’s guide to Dublin’s Whitehall


02 Mar 2017

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If you want advice on buying a house in Whitehall, there's no better woman to ask than the manager of the local EBS branch.

"Pure Whitehall", is how Linda Weldon describes herself, having grown up in the area and worked there for 30 years.

Located within 12 minutes' drive of O'Connell Street, this Dublin 9 suburb isn't exactly undiscovered. Like everywhere else that's close to the city, it's been scoured by buyers in search of increasingly elusive family homes.


"A property that went for sale at €260,000 on a Friday was already bid up to €298,000 by Monday. There's a lot of demand," Linda says.

Whitehall houses in short supply

A quick search on Myhome.ie reveals why: houses are in short supply. "Demand is particularly high for three-beds," says Linda. "How much you pay depends largely on whether you buy in a privately built development or one of the many former "corporation" estates that are now largely privately owned."


Like elsewhere in the city, describing estates of that era as "corporation"-built is a little simplistic. Many such homes built in the 1930s and 40s were financed and constructed privately with the local council providing support with sites and services – a type of scheme we might learn something from today with social housing in short supply.

For example, Gaeltacht Park started off as a scheme of ten homes built by a group of Gaelic-speakers who wanted to form a mini-Gaeltacht in the area! The Gaeltacht didn't quite work out. But the move kick-started development of the area with joint ventures between the Council and what were known as Public Utility Societies. These were assisted but not funded by the State.

Whitehall's old corporation homes in demand

These old "corporation" homes are very much in demand, particularly if they have been extended, says Linda. "A recent one on the market had an extension that was really well-done with light flooding in everywhere. It attracted a lot of interest." she says.

However, not all extension jobs are like that. Like everywhere else, there are examples that were built without much thought or expense involved. Any poorly constructed lean-to housing a kitchen and bathroom may have to be knocked, which is nearly as bad as having no extension at all. When buying an already-extended small home, remember that build quality and design are all-important.

According to Linda, Whitehall has everything. A huge choice of schools, a VEC college, Dublin City University, Beaumont Hospital. There's even a theatre - The Helix catering for all tastes from Shakespeare to pantomimes and Elvis impersonators," she adds.

Whitehall: Where's best?

Whitehall for First Time Buyers

There are still bargains for First Time Buyers in Whitehall relative to some other parts of Dublin city. However, not many are below the new First Time Buyer's threshold for 90% mortgage finance of €220,000.

"There's not a whole lot around here for less than that unless it's an original 1940s-condition home that's in need of total refurbishment with no heating", says Linda.

Homes on Glencoy Road, Larkhill Road and Ellenfield Road are priced at €210-250k, but could end up selling for more depending on buyer interest.

Whitehall for commuters

You can walk into town from Whitehall in the time it takes to drive in rush hour from many parts of Dublin. Buses are also plentiful. "It's very handy for town here," says Linda. "A bus will get you into town in 20 minutes."


Whitehall for families

If you're able to afford prices north of €350,000, the Colinswood development comes into the picture. "These homes came on the market at very high prices during the boom. They obviously fell back but they are creeping back up over the €400,000 mark," Linda Weldon explains.


As we went to press, (March 2015) family-friendly three-beds in Collinswood were priced at around €370,000 and €395,000 respectively, which is a little above average for the Dublin area. If that's a bit high for your tastes, a four-bed on Beaumont Road was priced at €270,000.

And if period style is your thing, Grace Park Road comes into its own, although not many homes come on the market there. There are plenty of good schools in the area, mostly centred around Whitehall Village but within walking distance of anywhere in the locality. "There's a huge choice of schools. My own daughter attends one of them," says Linda.

Thinking of buying a house in Whitehall?

Before you go house hunting it's a good idea to get your mortgage arranged – or at least discussed so you know where you stand.

Get the ball rolling with our First Time Buyer and Next Time Buyer guides. You can use our mortgage calculator to find out how much you may be able to borrow.

If you'd like to talk through your mortgage options you can book a 30 Minute Mortgage Meeting with Linda or her team at the EBS Whitehall branch on Collins Avenue.


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House Prices taken from MyHome.ie accessed March 2015.

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