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04 Sep 2017

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Ah, college. The era of crazy nights out, desperate scrambles to hand in assignments on time, and bad decisions that seemed like a great idea at the time.

In the good old college days, we all experienced student housing nightmares. From deplorable décor to bizarre housemates, we’ve seen it all. If you’re still house-sharing in your adulthood, things might not be that different (apart from the fact you go to work instead of lectures).

But at least we have more choice in who we live with – or where to live. Say a prayer for anyone who has been unfortunate enough to meet multiple criteria on our list of 10 home nightmares (and if you are finally in the market for your dream home, we have all the advice you need to get started).

1. Futons

Nothing says ‘college dorm’ quite like a futon with four people squashed onto it after a night out. Usually hideously uncomfortable and a weird colour from years of mistreatment, a futon still has the power to send a shiver of fear down the spine of any respectable adult.

2. Showers that harbour infectious diseases

You know the sort: peeling paint, cracked tiles, and a peculiar green mould patch that’s impossible to remove. There may even be a scuzzy brown stain that seems to have made its home along the shower floor.

Is there anything quite so nightmarish as a communal shower room for six people? And that’s before we mention the soggy bathmat or the scaly shower curtain.

If anything, college showers prove it’s possible to leave a shower dirtier than you entered it.

3. Paper-thin walls

You don’t really know a person until you’ve heard them having a row after midnight through the bedroom wall. (Of course, you’ll hear plenty of other things too…)

4. Sharing with randomers

As Forrest Gump famously said: ‘life is like a box of chocolates; you don’t know what you’re gonna get’. Living with strangers follows the same principle.

They could be sound people who become dear friends. They also could be maniacs who wreck the gaff. It’s a 50/50.

5. Bunk beds

Sure, the ad on the property website said ‘split-level mezzanine bedrooms’ and you may have been suspicious of the price, but who knew the landlord really meant a row of bunk beds?

With rents increasing around Ireland, have pity for poor cash-strapped students who are forced to share a room with several other people. Even the closest of friendships would be tested.

6. Mould

Damp or mould can be harmful to your health, especially for people with respiratory issues or allergies. One of the big things to look out for when viewing a house is mould. Check the roof, in corners of rooms, behind radiators, in the bathroom, and on windowsills.

Pro-tip? To remove stubborn mould: buy a spray bottle from a local euro shop and pour white distilled vinegar inside. Spray the vinegar onto any mouldy surfaces and leave it to sit for an hour. Rub the area with water and the mould should wipe away.

7. Décor that looks like a time capsule to the 1960s

Student accommodation in particular seems to have the misfortune of awful décor. Some rooms are bare bones with little more than a chair and a desk while others may be over-encumbered with awful design decisions.

Floral designs and weird patterns are the go-to for most student housing, so living there is always a little bit like going to visit your nan’s house. All you need is a tube TV in the corner and a sacred heart on the mantelpiece. 

8. A supreme lack of plugs

And so “here, does anyone have an extension lead so I can plug my hairdryer in?,” becomes the official mantra of your household.

9. Single glazing (possibly in a converted garage/attic/cobbled-together extension)

Between the wet and the cold, winter in Ireland is already a grim prospect. It’s even worse if you’re stuck in a miserable extension that’s only got single glazing and a distinct lack of insulation.

Bundle up in a set of blankets and crank up the heater because there’s a long three months to go before spring arrives.

10. Sink drains that are constantly full of stuff

If it’s a bathroom, the plug may be so full of hair that you fear it has become sentient.

And yes, it definitely just moved.

If it’s the kitchen, two-day old rice and bits of potato have mercilessly been shoved down the drain. Whichever it is, it’s a nightmare and no amount of cheap drain cleaner can save the day.

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