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21 Nov 2017

Posted in:  First Time Buyer

When you spend all day sitting in an office with the same six people looking back at you, you end up knowing an awful lot about each other.

You know the TV shows they’re watching, and of course their endless romantic dramas. (Let’s not mention that one time Dave made a holy show of himself after one too many beers at the office party.)

You’ll have a lot of the same conversations on repeat too, especially if you’re going through a momentous life occasion – and there is little more momentous than buying a home.

It’s a huge milestone for you and will become the talking point of the office, so here are eight things you can be prepared to hear from your office colleagues as you go through the process.

1. “How long will the commute be?”

With rush hour traffic, who knows? You certainly don’t. Now to be fair, being asked a whole bunch of times can get annoying, but it is a solid point – especially as there is something to be said for considering the value of being closer to the important things like family, amenities, and work.

Before you sign any papers, test out the commute at least twice during rush hour so you know if it’s something you’re actually willing to do. It may be the case that you spend more on a house than you first anticipated in exchange for the ease of a shorter commute.

2. “It took us ages to get a house.”

Good for you, Jacinta from accounting. She’s always been very picky though. Some people are very particular about their future home and location, and will not budge on their ‘dream home’ priorities. It’s important to be open and flexible, and to see beyond a shabby interior to the potential of the location and structure.

3. “Look at you being a real adult!”

What can you say beyond ‘thank you’? Saving for, and eventually buying, a house can be a long process and an absolute marker of adulthood.

Be proud of your achievements along the way!

4. “So, you’re ready for nights in on the couch forever?”

Saving for your deposit can be a pain in the neck. You have to say goodbye to unnecessary expenses like fancy sandwiches (and the divine and ludicrously expensive hummus dip), daily coffee, takeaway, fancy restaurants, and big holidays.

But it doesn’t have to mean spending every night camped out on your couch bathed in the flattering light from your TV. If you live in any of Ireland’s bigger cities, numerous free events take place pretty much all year round – so be sure to have a good Google for free gigs and events.

If you’re less centrally located, try exploring the great outdoors. Not only is it good for your health (remember we are adults now) but it’s also a fun way to spend some time away from it all. 

5. “Ah go on, come out for pints. One won’t make a difference.”

After-work drinks: a cultural touchstone and a must after the long stretch of a five-week month. But when you’re saving, the last thing you need is to end up in an infinite loop of rounds.

A couple of pints won’t hurt, as long as it doesn’t become a weekly hurrah – but if you really are missing the office buzz, maybe invite some of your favourite colleagues around for Saturday lunch at yours.

6. “When are you having a baby?”

Who knew that ‘house hunting’ is synonymous with ‘having a baby’? As if your mam dropping grandchild-sized hints isn’t bad enough! And if your colleagues aren’t enquiring about your hypothetical baby, they may well start pushing for information on an engagement or wedding.

The joys.

7. “My friend got a house there for less than that.”

As soon as you start mentioning prices, everyone will have a story to regale you with about how their second cousin Peter’s best friend Dave managed to shave €20,000 off the asking price.

Which is great for Dave, but you can’t count on such a successful haggle.

If you’re not sure about the cost of a house in a given area, try the Property Price Register. It’s a database of Irish properties sold since 2010, alongside the price they sold for.

That way you can get a rough idea as to the guide price for similar houses in the area you’re looking in – or you can just have a bit of a nose at what the neighbours paid.

8. “It’ll be so worth it in the end.”

This has to be the most genuinely helpful thing that someone can say to you! Little by little you will get there.

And when you’re moving into your own home, the process will have been more than worth it in the long run.

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