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  • “Be prepared - you can never start early enough, particularly when undertaking a self build.”
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EBS Castleisland has played a longstanding role in the Castleisland community, as its team has helped countless numbers of local buyers find homes since 1980. Muiris Horgan has played his part too, being an EBS Mortgage Master for the past 11 years.

He still loves the satisfaction of bringing his customers through the entire mortgage process – from the initial chat, right through to getting their cheque. Muiris is a big fan of the vibrant community of which he has been a part of for so long, especially all the opportunity for young families, in areas like sports clubs, education and business. His support can be seen in his involvement with his local football club, Castleisland RFC, and his coaching of Castleisland Desmonds Ladies too.

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