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Colman Feeney is a Mortgage Master with EBS Dundrum. He’s worked in mortgages for the past five years and he very much enjoys helping customers to get what they want. He reckons that customers are on one side and a new home is on the other, and it’s his job as a Mortgage master to merge the two.

Colman lives in nearby Stepaside, though he’s a big fan of Dundrum for its convenient transport links and all the shops on his doorstep. When he’s not in work, you’ll catch him in his local sports clubs, usually playing badminton or snooker.

  • “The first mortgage doesn’t have to be your last and the trend in my opinion suggests it may not be. EBS are on a journey with our customers. Since 1935 we have helped customers trade up/move home as their career and family situation changed – so come talk to us.”
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