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  • "Come in for a mortgage chat as early as you can.”
    Mortgage Master Wisdom


Lorraine O’Reilly and Mary Levelle have nearly sold as many mortgages as they’ve had hot dinners. Both have over 30 years’ experience as Mortgage Masters with EBS. For them, nothing beats seeing buyers get their keys, months after that initial meeting (and helping with everything in between, too). Customers have even sent pictures of the kids on the first night in their forever home. And the best thing about living in Greystones? Walking down the street and not being able to pass someone without hearing an ‘hello!’ The seaside restaurants, walks and scenery are a big plus too.

Lorraine and Mary encourage anyone thinking of a mortgage to pop in for a relaxed caht – they’ll be able to give you advice on how to save and get approved. Most of the staff live in the local area and are supporters of the local clubs too; so they’ll know the lay of the land when it comes to helping potential buyers.

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