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Ray Ryan has been a Mortgage Master with EBS Mullingar for the last three years and he is proficient at helping buyers get their foot in the door - sometimes, quite literally.

Ray's favourite mortgage story is a perfect example.

A couple recently viewed a house and removed their shoes so as not to dirty the floor. They requested the agent do the same, and on leaving the house, the agent put on the buyer’s shoes by mistake. Without skipping a beat, the buyer asked that a foot spray be included in the sale.

Outside of his day job, you’ll spot Ray sampling the restaurants in Mullingar or cheering on his kids at Tyrrellspass GAA.

  • “At present, be prepared to bid above the AMV that the home is guiding at. Agents are tending to market the houses at a lower AMV and are creating a bidding war as a result. Do not go above your budget in bidding.”
    Mortgage Master Wisdom

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