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John Cleary first started working for EBS in 1996, though he took a break for several years to hop across the pond to the UK. He returned to EBS in 2013 where he took over the William Street office.

Having worked in mortgages for over 20 years, the variety of the job keeps things interesting for John: his days are always very different because every customer’s story is unique.

Though John works on William Street, he’s originally from Foynes and now lives in Co. Clare, his wife’s home town. He loves that his job means he gets to return to Limerick every day; he thinks the city is so full of a spirit that’s beautifully encapsulated in the Pay It Forward Limerick initiative, which is built around little acts of kindness.

  • “A mortgage is a long term commitment, and you need to look at your mortgage provider as a trusted partner, to help you through that process of buying your home, but also to lead you through the process of paying off your mortgage.”
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