EBS Mortgage Finance

As part of EBS Group's ongoing funding initiatives and to ensure we will continue to offer competitively priced mortgage products to our customers in the long term, we have established a subsidiary credit institution under the Asset Covered Securities Act 2001. The subsidiary is called EBS Mortgage Finance and is a wholly owned subsidiary of EBS d.a.c.

EBS Mortgage Finance is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland as a designated credit institution (DCI) and raises funds under the Asset Covered Securities Act 2001 by issuing asset Covered Securities, commonly referred to as covered bonds. This is not a new way to raise funds, many institutions across Europe raise funds in this manner, two other Irish residential mortgage lenders already have covered bond bank subsidiaries.

EBS Mortgage Finance has established a €6,000,000,000 Asset Covered Securities funding programme, the securities issued under this programme are rated by Moodys.

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