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17 Feb 2017

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Anyone who went to school in north Leinster may have vivid memories of Drogheda. We were bussed there in our thousands to view Ireland's most famous religious relic: St. Oliver Plunkett's head.

The historic context may have escaped us, but the sight of poor Saint Oliver's noggin in a glass case of greenish fluid was seared into our youthful imaginations forever.

It still comes in handy if you ever want to scare unwary foreign visitors. "It fairly shocked a friend I had over from Switzerland," says local EBS d.a.c. agent Lucia Britton.

EBS Drogheda County Louth

But, she stresses, there's a lot more to Drogheda than the gruesome remains of a decapitated martyr. Read on for our 11 reasons why Drogheda is a great place to live.

1. Drogheda is steeped in history

Straddling the strategic River Boyne, Drogheda is literally steeped in history. The area has been settled for millennia; mysterious Neolithic sun-worshippers built nearby Newgrange 5,000 years ago. Since then it has been a crucible of Irish history, usually of the dark and gory sort, such as poor St. Oliver's demise.


2. Drogheda has good value home prices

Drogheda prices are pretty tasty for a town within commuting distance of Dublin. At the time of writing, there were 7 three-beds priced at less than €135,000 on Myhome.ie. One of them, was a recently renovated three-bed townhouse at €135,000, smack bang in the middle of town!

There were even apartments going for less - with a three-bedroom apartment in An tSean Mhargadh listed at €96,000.

That sort of value hasn't been seen in Dublin since the property crash hit rock bottom, and even then, not for long. "There are a lot of Dubs here," says Lucia. "Many moved during the boom when they sold out for good money and bought here for relatively little."

3. Drogheda – good selection of houses

There are 122 second-hand properties and many new-builds for sale in the Drogheda region. These include all types of homes from the aforementioned bargains to stylish period residences and spacious family homes for prices that would make Dublin buyers weep with envy.

Drogheda is also seeing a lot of activity in the new-build sector which is good news for anyone applying to the government’s Help to Buy Scheme. There are new-build houses on the market in Crosslane starting at €240,000. With the help to buy scheme, that could mean buyers could be entitled to a rebate of €12,000.

EBS Drogheda County Louth

4. Great access to Drogheda with the M1

The M1 puts some of the Drogheda hinterland within 35 minutes of Dublin city. However, the town itself is 45 minutes away outside rush hour and other areas to the east or north involve slightly longer journey times. Despite this difference in journey times it's generally not reflected in the price.

With this in mind, there were some two-beds for €185,000 at Pines Hamlet on the Dublin Road, which at the right commuting time is just over half-an-hour's drive from the centre of Dublin. Anywhere you can get to via the Julianstown (South Drogheda) exit off the M1 cuts up to 15 minutes off the journey time to Dublin – and avoids the Boyne Bridge toll.

5. Good transport to and from Drogheda

Drogheda has its own train station south of the town on the Dublin Road. Trains are fairly frequent, especially between 7am and 9am. One-way tickets cost up to €16.60 online, although regular commuters can get better deals. There's also a good local bus service with tickets from €6 per journey.


6. Drogheda's restaurants

Drogheda is well served by stylish eateries. There are cafes such as Stockwells and Relish with three local branches including one at the spectacular Highlanes Art Gallery on St. Laurence Street. Foodies also rave about the Eastern Seaboard, Scholars Townhouse and The Salthouse with its terrace overlooking the Boyne.

7. Nightlife in Drogheda

There are bars and nightclubs galore in Drogheda, whatever your age or taste. Nightclubs Earth, Fusion and Storm cater for the 20-30-something age group. There are also rock and trad bars aplenty including McHughs, McPhail's and the legendary and delightfully eccentric Ti Chairbre (Carberry's) which attracts visitors from around the world.

8. The sea is close by

A blue flag beach at Port, near the picturesque fishing village of Clogherhead, is just one of many local sandy stretches. Seapoint (Mornington), Bettystown, Laytown and Mosney, "also have lovely beach walks," says Lucia.


9. Lots of shopping in Drogheda

West Street is the retail heart of Drogheda with most of the major retail stores represented. There are also two shopping centres and a couple of retail parks no more than five minutes' drive away. "We used to go to Dublin to shop, but not anymore," says Lucia.

10. The River Boyne

The town makes the most of its famous river with scenic walkways and a park along the banks. There's even a free public gym if you want to extend a jog into a full-scale workout.


11. Drogheda culture and community

There are festivals for art (2) samba and children and the TLT, a 900-seater concert hall and theatre.

EBS Drogheda County Louth

"Drogheda has a strong sense of community with good schools and colleges nearby. There's a good mix of people who all bring something to the party," says Lucia.

Thinking of buying a house in Drogheda?

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House Prices taken from MyHome.ie accessed May 2017.

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