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17 Feb 2017

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There's something special about Dublin 6 that makes buyers willing to pay quite a lot of money to live there. Killiney – home to Bono and many other high-profile celebs – is often seen as the priciest part of Dublin*. Yet only 22 million-plus homes were for sale there on Myhome.ie when we looked (accessed May 2017). Dublin 6, however, had more than double that number with a whopping 47 residences in the millionaire category– 3 times more.

One of the most expensive houses in Ireland was High Cross, Temple Road – 6,500 sq. ft. of Victorian grandeur in Darty, right next door to Rathmines. The period pile, sitting on an acre of south-facing gardens, had a price tag of €6.95 million. These sort of prices suggest an area that has a lot going for it.


But why do buyers really love this enclave of classy redbrick homes? Here are 9 reasons:

1. Quality

The area, one of Dublin's first suburbs, was built in the late Victorian/Edwardia era - a golden age of build quality and design.

"There are fabulous houses here. Big period homes with plenty of space and character," says Hugh McKeon, manager of the EBS branch in Rathmines.

2. Proximity

To most people, Dublin 6 means Rathmines and Ranelagh, both of which are literally a brisk stroll from the city centre. If you prefer a bus or taxi, these are both cheap and plentiful. And you can always hop on the Luas Green Line at Charlemont, Ranelagh or Beechwood.


3. History

You wouldn't think so now but the area between Rathmines and Ranelagh was once known as "Bloody Fields." And that was because of just the skirmishes that led up to the Battle of Rathmines proper in 1649, where 5,000 were killed. Of more historical significance to home-buyers is the fact that this area is one of the oldest parts of well-off Dublin with facilities and a location to match.

Rathmines EBS

4. Schools

"There are fabulous schools. Some of the best in the country are located in Dublin 6," says Hugh.

The area has seven secondary facilities, of which three make The Sunday Times list of the top 20 schools in South Dublin. These three are: Gonzaga, Alexandra and Stratford College. Dublin 6 also has 19 primary schools.

5. Shops

There are plenty of shops in the area, especially in the Swan centre and the villages of Rathmines and Ranelagh. Locals can also easily hop on a bus or stroll into town if they want more.

6. Facilities

Movie fans will love the new multiplex cinema complex in the Swan Centre, Rathmines. Hugh is particularly enthusiastic about its curved 20-metre OmniMAXX
screen. There's also the Rathmines Leisure Centre down the road with a good pool and gym. Rathmines also hosts the Leinster Cricket Club while the Mount Pleasant Lawn Tennis Club is in Ranelagh.

"It's also a very cosmopolitan area with a choice of pubs and restaurants that's fantastic, particularly in Ranelagh," Hugh says.

7. Scenery

There are plenty of trees and parks in Dublin 6, giving it a distinctly leafy feel that is quite unusual so close to a city centre. "The quality of parks in the area is second to none," says Hugh. "There's also the canal which has a wonderful path to walk, run or cycle along."


8. Choice

Dublin 6 doesn't entirely comprise glorious red-brick mansions costing seven figure sums. There are also small cottages and apartments, that might suit First Time Buyers, says Hugh.

"Apartments (in the area) are generally of decent quality. They tend to be bigger than they are in the city centre with two-beds more the norm," he notes.

However, they don't come cheap. 

The area has become more family-friendly and less "studenty" in recent years, according to Hugh. However, reasonably-priced houses are thin on the ground, with a four-bed on the Ranelagh Road coming in at  €700,000. Meanwhile, a large four-bed terraced family home of 1248 sq. ft. on Church Road in Rathmines coming in at €750,000.


But Ranelagh had only one house for less than €550,000 when we checked – and that was a two-bedroom terraced house costing €520,000.

9. Location brand

All of the aforementioned factors have made Rathmines a prime location; a brand name in property that takes decades to establish, at the very least. You do pay a premium for that brand – but at least it is not likely to fade away in a hurry.

Before you go house hunting it's a good idea to get your mortgage arranged – or at least discussed so you know where you stand.

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Rathmines EBS

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House Prices taken from MyHome.ie accessed May 2017.

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