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03 Mar 2017

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The battle of the sexes has raged since the dawn of man. Who's the better driver, who's tidier, or who's better at being on time?



In EBS's Big Survey of Irish Time* we set out once and for all to dispel the time-based myths. Are women really more likely to be late? Who's more likely to fib to their boss? And are men and women speaking a different language when they say they'll 'be a min'?

Without further ado, let the time-battle of the sexes begin!

'It's been ages, Bernie!' Are there differences in how we describe time?

Before we start pointing fingers, let's take a look at how we talk about time.

Irish women are the bigger exaggerators – 81% have used the phrase 'ages' in the last month compared to just 56% of Irish men. However this phrase is still the most popular for both sexes. Men and women are united in their use of the terms 'Donkey's years' and 'Give us a sec'. We're fairly united in the words we hate too – 'Yonks' and 'Two shakes of a lamb's tail' join the dictionary of the most- hated phrases about time.

'I'll be ready in a min, love!'

Irish men take note: if you're waiting for your other half and she says she'll be ready in 'a min', you may be hanging around for longer than expected (as more Irish women than men think this a longer unit of time!).

Man or woman, who is most likely to lie about time?

A massive 57% of Irish people have never lied to avoid work or an appointment (a land of saints by the sounds of things! Just ask our mammies). However, men are the biggest culprits, as half of lads have fibbed to get out of work or an appointment, compared to 38% of women.

And what excuses have the liars used?

• The good ole 'dodgy food' excuse is a second-favourite among Irish men – 25% of men would use this compared to 17% of women.
• 9% of both men and women have pulled a Stephen Ireland and invoked a fake dead granny. Shocking, people, shocking!
• 28% of women used the good old 'woman's problems' excuse compared to 2% of the lads who also faked this somehow (we're not judging).
• We're as bad as each other when it comes to telling white lies– an even 17% of men and women have claimed' I'm in the taxi' when they haven't even left yet.

Who tends to be late most often?

While both genders have been fairly guilty so far, Irish women are easily the worst offenders for time-keeping. Is it really a surprise? But be careful, ladies, as men are twice as likely to head home if they're kept waiting.

• 23% of men admit to being sometimes late, while the ladies run away with this one as 33% confess to being late
• 36% of men usually arrive on the button and on time, compared to 31% of women. That's not bad going!

So who come out on top, men or women?

As it turns out, we're all pretty guilty! Women are hands-down worse at being on time while men are more likely to lie to get out of appointments and work. We're both not shy about bending the truth when we're running late either. So – it's a draw!

To check out the full results from the survey and to see how your fellow county-people did, head over to the infographic and full report. Or, why not join the conversation on Facebook?

EBS Anytime means Anytime

At EBS, we'll meet you anytime to discuss a mortgage. When we say anytime, we really do mean anytime – in a mo, a min, evenings, weekends, even in a donkey's year. This inspired us to explore Irish people's unique relationship with time in the 'Big Survey of Irish Time'*. Why not arrange a friendly chat with one of our mortgage advisors now?

* To find out when was the best time to meet for our Irish customers, EBS surveyed just over 1,000 respondents from a nationally representative sample of the Irish population on the 15h August 2015.

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