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07 Mar 2017

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There comes the right stage in life when it’s time to flee the nest. But sometimes, that stage can drag on a little longer than it should – and there are subtle (or not-so-subtle) signs that this has happened.


If you find yourself nodding along in self-sympathy to more than one of the following points, then it could be time to start the house hunt for your own sweet abode.

1. Your stuff has outgrown your bedroom

However hard you try, you just can’t throw out that giant monkey you won at Funderland in 2005. But he’s taking over a quarter of your floor space. And it’s not really helping that your Mam’s clothes and some extra ‘bits and bobs’ (that couldn’t possibly be stowed in the shed) are suddenly materialising in your wardrobe. Time to get a room of your very own – hey, maybe make that a few rooms.

2. Any episode of Games of Thrones

You’re now mature enough to sit through those intimate TV scenes with your parents, right...? Oh, wait. It’s still just as awkward. While you clear your throat and make a poor excuse about having to meet a friend, the appeal of a home of your own is as charming as ever.

3. The guilt trip if you don't make it home for dinner

Do you swallow a lump of guilt every time you hear the question, ‘So you’re not coming home for dinner?’ There are layers of connotations under this, such as, ‘That delicious casserole I spend hours preparing is for the bin, then!’

You find yourself giving at least two days’ notice if you won’t make mealtime, and on-top of this, turning down last-minute dates with your pals. They wouldn’t have been that fun anyway.

4. You avoid people from your past

You know it could be time for some independence when you’re avoiding college reunions like the plague, and you cross the road to escape a question like, ‘So, where are you living now?’

5. Your Facebook newsfeed makes you bitter

You’re tired of clicking ‘hide’ when you see those pictures of couples smiling smugly, holding shiny new keys amongst their moving boxes. You know you should be happy for them, but really, do they have to rub it in?

6. You just can’t eat another fish pie

You appreciate your parent’s cooking; you really do. But you have also started to appreciate that yours and your folks’ taste palettes, have, ah, gone their separate ways.

When you have to suppress the natural temptation to branch out and cook a Vindaloo, you might be ready for a home of your own.

7. Those judgemental eyes

You’re well past your teenage years – but your parents still don’t miss a trick. They mightn’t lecture you anymore if you haven’t vacuumed or if you came in at a bit of an unreasonable hour; but here comes that silent-yet-disapproving stare (and it’s just as effective).

Thinking of applying for your first mortgage?

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