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How to get serious about saving without sacrificing your social life

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03 Mar 2017

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Now that you’re saving for a mortgage, you’ll have to say goodbye to all your friends and become a social outcast. Only joking! Of course you won’t.



Sure, you may have to sit out a few nights on the town but it’ll be worth it when you have a house or apartment that’s actually yours. So if you’re saving for a first house here’s five ways you can still have a social life, just maybe one with a bit of a difference.

Get smart with your spending

When you were in college, going out twice a week seemed like a great idea. But now with a deposit to save up for, and plenty of bills and expenses to look after too, you’ll need to take a smarter approach to your social spending.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t go out for a meal with friends or a romantic dinner. Check out early bird options in your favourite eateries and you’ll be amazed at the deals you can get.

Other places do a meal and drink combo deal if you fancy a bite to eat and a social drink. Once you start getting a few bargains, you’ll actually enjoy the feeling of getting great value for money.

Reinvent sitting in

Nights in don’t have to be boring evenings in front of the TV. Why not try to utilise your house as an entertainment facility?

Channel your inner Masterchef contestant and invite friends around for a home-cooked meal in your place. It’s a relatively inexpensive way of catching up and, if you’re lucky, they’ll return the favour at some point.

Alternatively, get some people around for a big match, for X-Factor or even for a film night. It’s a great excuse to hang out and you’ll save a fortune on drinks, takeaways and taxis.

Get active

A weekend without hitting the club may seem like a waste but why not try out a club of a different kind? Join a sports club, a gym or just get out for a run or a walk on your own.

Use your new savings-orientated lifestyle as an excuse to get fit and try out an activity you’ve always wanted to do. Not only will you feel the physical benefits of a healthier lifestyle, you could even meet new friends and extend your social circle in the process.

Swap festivals for outdoor adventures

If you’re depressed that your festival tent won’t get an outing this year, why not dust it down and hit the wilds for a seriously low-budget break. Ireland has some gorgeous landscapes to explore so take advantage of your savings drive to force yourself to get out there and see them.

Aside from saving a fortune on festival tickets and the associated costs, it’s also a cheap way to get away for a few days and to save money on foreign holidays. Try and get a few friends to come along and turn it into a shared experience.

Who knows? You might get a taste for a bit of campsite craic under the stars.

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