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07 Mar 2017

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You’ve finally got the keys to your new home, and you’re as excited as a kid at Christmas.

But where do you even begin? You’re surrounded by full boxes and empty walls and floors, and you’re doing well just not getting lost on the route home from work.

It may be tempting to unpack your possessions and get comfy as soon as you can; but before you start arranging the furniture, there are 6 things which you may want to address, and that will make your life a little easier in the long run.

1. Give in to those ‘cleaning cravings’

Your new-found love of cleaning could surprise you– you may even find yourself waking up with nagging suspicions that someone left a cup of tea on the mantel piece.

Don’t worry; these OCD tendencies will diminish over time. But it is a good idea to give your home a deep clean before you settle down for the long haul. Remember, you will fast-accumulate new furniture and decor, so it will probably never be this easy again to clean out every nook and cranny.

2. Start with a splash (of paint)

You’re itching to settle in, but before you rush into making your new home your haven, give some thought to a quick paint job.

The chances are that some rooms could need a lick of paint – but even if they don’t, this is the perfect opportunity to add a personal splash of colour to those empty walls.

3. Squeeze in a trip to IKEA

Who doesn’t love a sneaky trip to IKEA? However, it’s not time to shop for a complete makeover – this will be a quick-fix trip to make storage and organising that bit easier.

Before you go, consider all the storage space you have in your new home, so you can look for items which can help you maximise it. Slot-in wardrobe shelves, coat hooks, racks, and portable drawers will create oodles of extra space.

4. Fit in some temporary blinds and curtains

In the melee of moving day, it can be easy to forget this simple but crucial step. Fitting all your windows with blinds, curtains or shutters will give you the privacy to get your new home in order (you don’t want the introduction to your neighbours to be a surprised wave as you tackle a hoard of cardboard in your PJs).

Just as importantly, you will get your much-needed sleep without any early morning sunshine rudely interrupting.

5. Hunt for your bed linen (and other essentials)

Prepare a list of absolute essentials, and make sure you unpack these before you get down to business. We have included our own ‘essential item’ shortlist for inspiration:

  1. Toothbrushes, shampoo, shower gel, and other toiletries
  2. Painkillers, disinfectant and plasters
  3. Cloths and cleaning liquid
  4. The vacuum cleaner
  5. Towels and bed linen
  6. The coffee French press
  7. Our favourite mug
  8. Clothes to get through the week
  9. iPads, DVD players, chargers and adapters

There may be other ‘personal’ preferences you will fit into this list, like that ‘Frozen’ DVD.

6. Find out about Bin days and local cleaners

It’s likely that the previous owners cancelled their bin collection if they were with a private company. So it’s a good plan to find out if you need to set this up again, and if so, shop around for the best rates. And while you’re at it, why not research other local services like window cleaners, it’s always a good excuse to drop into the new neighbours.

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