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07 Mar 2017

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Like your mum always said: you’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression. You’ve presented yourself like a responsible human being to a bunch of possible buyers but your house just isn’t selling.



Anne down the road sold her house in three weeks and you’re baffled because your house is just as nice! So where are you going wrong? Why isn’t your house selling? Read on for seven things that make your house impossible to sell.

1. Your house still feels like yours

Sure that picture of your kids with their terrible bowl cuts might look cute to you, but a buyer doesn’t want to see your interior or the photos of your kids: they want to be able to visualise how the house would look if it was theirs.

A lived-in or unique décor might suit you, but hide away the family photos, any weird or random décor, and make your house as much of a blank slate as possible.

2. The price isn’t right

If you ever watched Bruce on the telly on The Price is Right (“nice to see you to see you, nice!”), you’ll know how important pricing is.

Anne down the road selling her house doesn’t mean you should take that as your cue to add a couple more grand to your asking price. The biggest reason houses fail to sell is unrealistic pricing. Keep in mind that your house may not be worth what it was when you bought it.

Check out the average property prices in your area on sites like Daft.ie and MyHome.ie and have a chat with an estate agent, auctioneer, or independent valuation office. The longer a house stays on the market, the tougher it’ll be to sell so getting your pricing right from the start is crucial.

If you’d like a more in-depth look into what houses have sold in your area, head over to the Property Price Register. The Independent also has a useful article on house prices to get you started, as they spoke to estate agents all around Ireland to get a rough pricing guide. Handy!

3. Your timing is off

All you want for Christmas is to sell your house, but the market might not be so agreeable. Spring is the busiest time of year for selling houses, as the weather tends to be milder and buyers hit the ground running with New Year’s resolutions.

Unless you absolutely have to, try holding off on selling your house until the market picks up in spring.

4. Your photos make your house look like a damp, dark cellar

A blurry photo or your fingers obstructing the lens will do you no favours!

While you don’t need to plump for professional photos, shooting a couple of pictures on your phone isn’t good enough either. Hire in a photographer for a day and take well-lit, nice photos of your house.

Make sure to get shots of the main rooms, as well as the front and back, so prospective buyers can really get a sense that the house is worth viewing. Whatever you do, avoid anything that’ll make your house look like the set of a horror film, like in this example from Terrible Real Estate Photos.


Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to see that painting looking at you!

5. You love your pets, but your prospective buyer might not

While Mable the cat is a dote, your prospective buyers may be allergic or not a fan. Nine out of ten house hunters may not like Mable, so send her to a minder when it’s time to show your house or apartment to a prospective buyer.

Sorry, Mable.

6. You’re too involved

Checking in to see ‘how things are going’ is grand every now and again, but you don’t want to smother any possible buyers. Sending them a bunch of texts ‘just to see’ definitely won’t help.

If you’ve hired an estate agent, let them do the talking. If not, let the buyers come to you. You don’t want a potential buyer feeling pressurised (or Heaven forbid, stalked).

7. You haven’t put your house out there

Putting a status up on Facebook about how you’re selling your house probably isn’t enough. A couple of your friends and your nan might share it, but skimping on properly marketing it could mean no sale.

The more people who see your house or apartment, the more likely you’ll find a buyer. Put it up online on social media and property websites, consider an ad in the local paper, flyers, or sign up with an estate agent to do the work for you.

You’ve got a buyer, now what?

Safe in the knowledge your house will sell? Great! It’s time to get your next-time buyer’s mortgage sorted. Whether you’re trading up or down, our mortgage advisors will meet you anytime so why not book a 30 minute mortgage meeting now?

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