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07 Mar 2017

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Your heart is beating fast, flush in your chest. Your hands are sweaty in nervous anticipation, but you’re sure. This is the one for you.



You’ve found the house of your dreams, with its open conservatory and big garden and a price that falls right into your range.

But apart from the physical tells, what are the other signs that you really are head over heels for a house and not just suffering from a temporary infatuation?

1. Other houses just don’t do it for you anymore

That house you viewed yesterday had a walk-in wardrobe, an en-suite, and road frontage. Road frontage! But who even cares? All you can think about is this house and its very lovely patio. It’s irrational, but once you’ve found the one, you know.

2. The house is everything you want (mostly)

When you first start house hunting you’ll have certain requirements. A Carrie Bradshaw walk-in wardrobe would be great, but you have to live within your budget, while also considering any extra or hidden costs.

You want a house that fits your basic needs: a set number of bedrooms, a garage to park your car, a garden for your pet, or a certain amount of storage space. Extras are nice, but being realistic about your budget is an important part to managing your finances long-term.

3. You have pictures saved on your phone

And you lovingly browse them in the down-time in your day. “Are those not the loveliest skirting boards you’ve ever seen?” you’ll say to your friends, as you show them the same photos.


But seriously, it’s always a good idea to take photos especially if you’re working with an estate agent or dealing with a seller who has been elaborate in how they’ve staged their house. If you have any niggles or concerns, take photos of everything so you can go back over it afterwards and get a real look at the house beneath the shiny exterior.

4. You can look past almost any faults

See that dash of mould on the bathroom ceiling? Sure it’s fixable. And what about that creaking door? Or the fact that the sitting room is on the small side? There’s no harm in investing in a fixer-upper, but there comes a point where you need to realistically take stock of any faults in a house and make sure you’re not blinded by rose-tinted glasses.

Structural skeletons may come back to haunt you, so before you sign anything, call in a professional assessor to go through the house at length. While you might be willing to look past ‘little flaws’ in the name of love, they may come back to haunt you.

Things to look out for when viewing a house include:

  • Any dampness
  • The age of the house
  • Any structural faults or issues – this is a big one as it can spell disaster!
  • Storage space
  • Room size
  • The direction your house is orientated
  • The external drainage
  • The neighbourhood – gather as much intel as possible!

5. You dream of a future together

Or you dream about it full stop. A sure sign that you’re enamoured with a house is when you walk into a room and start to envision how it would look if it was yours, with your stack of DVDs in the corner, or your partner’s novelty slippers beside your bed.
If the décor ideas are sprouting in your head as you wander through each, take it as a positive sign that you’re hooked on the house. Whether that’s imagining what your future kids’ room might look or where the not-yet-acquired dog will sleep, it’s all a positive sign!

Fallen for a house?

Now you’re certain you’re in it for the long-haul, you’ll need to get the ball rolling with your mortgage application. To avoid potential heartbreak, book a 30 Minute Mortgage Meeting now.

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