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08 Mar 2017

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Congrats! You’re nearly all set for the big move into your new home. It’s an exciting time – and we don’t blame you if you’re absolutely buzzing.



But before you go splashing out on Egyptian cotton towels and boxes, hold your horses. There are lots of little add-ons that can get pricey. Between solicitor fees, first repairs and the move itself, it can seriously eat into your pockets.

To keep costs at bay, here are a few handy tips to save money when you’re moving home. 

Go bananas with banana boxes

Instead of buying boxes, head over to your local supermarket and check if you can grab banana boxes for free (or very cheaply). You may need to check which days they recycle to get the boxes before they are broken down.

These boxes are smaller than traditional boxes, they stack well, have a lid (it’s the little things) and are incredibly sturdy.

Yep – these boxes life-savers for movers (who’d have thought?), especially for packing away the essentials that require being a bit gentler like your prized crockery or his prized Game of Thrones boxset!

One man’s trash....

...is another man’s treasure! Sure, you want to bring all your stuff with you, but that can drive up the cost of the move. Instead of focusing on bringing absolutely everything – even those ‘good’ pans you bought and never ever used – you’ll only need to move with the essentials. So that’s items that you actually need and use.

That doesn’t mean chucking everything else into a skip round the back. Your throw-aways may be worth something to someone else. Donate or sell any unworn clothes, second hand books or any duplicate items (if you are moving in together). Instead of just saving money, you may even make some from the spare stuff you don’t need anymore.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

This motto isn’t just for people with green fingers. Savvy reducing, reusing and recycling will help you save during a move in lots of ways.

You can reduce the number of things you need to move by sorting and clearing out anything you don’t need.

Consider reusing and repurposing items to tide you over. For example, an existing airbed is a great couch substitute while you search for the right one and wait for delivery.

If you do end up recycling, check out resources like WEEE for free bring centres. A 20 minute drive may save you a lot on electrical waste charges and more.

Have a party

To save money? What? Well, some countries traditionally have moving in parties where friends and family get together to do the move instead of hiring in help. When all is done, there is a BBQ or a big pot of chilli and cold beer in the new house. Not only do you wet the new home’s head, you also save a heap on movers!

Shop around

Shop around for deals and offers across the board. If you do need to work with movers, why not get a few quotes in? Check who offers the best service at the lowest price.

Once you’ve moved in, you’ll need the basic utilities. It doesn’t have to be all the fancy stuff – now is a good time to compare all providers for the best deal. There are some retailers that let you repay your purchase over time, but make sure you’re getting a good rate for this; calculate the full cost over the contract length and compare this with other providers. This way you’ll avoid any surprises.

Ask yourself whether you really need all the things in a package. Can you live without a landline? What will you save? Don’t be afraid to ask all these questions and do some serious digging.

It’s a good idea to shop around for furniture too. If you approach furniture shopping with a complete list, right down to the specifics, you’ll be less likely to overspend by splurging on multi-purpose toasters or extravagant furnishings.

It all counts

It may seem like extra work going to the supermarket to ask for boxes, or trying to sell items online, but it’s worth it in the end. Your savings may be that first delicious take-away in your new home, that little bit extra you need to buy the fancy paint or even just the first deposit back into your savings fund.

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