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5 Reasons to check out EBS’ 2% Back in Cash offer

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09 Mar 2017

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We’re all preconditioned to be suspicious of things that look too good to be true. So you’d be forgiven for thinking that nobody would want to give you a home loan and then hand back 2% of that loan in cash. But you’d be wrong.

Take the EBS 2% Back in Cash mortgage offer. It does exactly what it says on the tin. So if you take out a new mortgage for €200,000, EBS will reward you with a payment of €4,000. Not too shabby!

The offer is open to first time buyers, second time buyers and anyone switching their mortgage to EBS. Here are a few obvious reasons to check it out.

There’s no sting in the tail

A lot of people think that lenders will charge them higher interest rates for mortgages with a cash back option. “They’ll make their money back somewhere,” they say. With EBS, that’s simply not the case.

The 2% Back in Cash offer doesn’t affect the existing mortgage rates for switcher, first time or second time mortgages. So you can get competitive interest rates and pocket a nice chunk of cash into the bag. There’s no catch and no surprises lurking in the small print.

Great rates mean great savings

Other lenders are now offering similar cashback offers – so which one is the best for you? One of the advantages of choosing EBS is the competitive interest rates that are available.

EBS’s fixed interest rates are 3.15%. That can make a big difference.

If you’re paying less interest, you’ll pay less money back in the long run and your repayments will be smaller. Whichever lender you decide to go with, make sure to ask your mortgage advisor how much you’ll expect to pay over the lifetime of the mortgage so you can really compare costs and get the best deal.

You can get four months free home insurance

Home insurance may not sound very exciting but it’s easy to get enthusiastic about saving money. And that’s what new insurance policy owners will be doing if they take out home insurance with EBS and pay by direct debit, or along with their EBS mortgage.

Yep - you can get four months of free home insurance when you take out a new insurance policy with EBS, and you’ll save 36% off your annual home insurance bill. That’s not to be sniffed at! This great offer is just another way to save even more money when you opt in to the 2% Back in Cash offer.

The 2% Back in Cash offer has been extended

The EBS 2% Back in Cash offer has now been extended to 31st December 2018. This gives you plenty of time to arrange your new mortgage with EBS. This great offer is a nice bonus for anyone who has pumped all their savings into their deposit. It’s also an immediate cash incentive for those who want to switch their mortgage to avail of cheaper interest rates.

EBS will talk mortgages with you anytime

It can be hard to arrange a mortgage meeting if you’re working or looking after a young family. Luckily this isn’t a problem with EBS. You can arrange to meet your friendly EBS mortgage advisor anytime, including evenings and weekends. You can arrange a convenient time and find out everything you need to know about EBS mortgages and the 2% Back in Cash offer.

Thinking of switching or getting a new mortgage?

Imagine how nice it would be to get a great deal on a mortgage and a lump sum to spend on you or your house (very!). The first step is to find out how much you can borrow on a mortgage.

It’s easy to book a mortgage meeting to suit you with one of our mortgage experts in your local office. Don’t forget to visit our Facebook page for the latest home inspiration, news and great competitions.

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