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10 Mar 2017

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We all know that home insurance is a good thing but many of us are not entirely sure what our policy actually covers. If you were to take a pop quiz on your home insurance cover, how many questions do you think you could answer out of ten?

To test that theory, we’ve looked at some of the lesser known benefits of an EBS Home Insurance, Buildings and Contents policy. Sure, it could cover major disasters but it can also help with things like liability to others, accidental damage and oil leaks (along with many more).

You could be surprised at the extent to which EBS Home Insurance has your back. So what are some of these perks that are on offer?

1. Spilled wine

We’ve all heard the saying “You shouldn’t cry over spilled milk.” That’s good advice but it can be harder to apply if you’ve just spilled red wine on your expensive cream carpet. If the old tip of rubbing salt into it doesn’t work, you could actually claim for it under Accidental Damage to Contents, if you’ve opted for that cover.*

The same thing applies if you spill paint or accidentally knock over that expensive crystal collection in your glass cabinet.

2. Impact by aircraft, aerial devices, road vehicles or animals

Admittedly, you would feel aggrieved if your home was hit by an airplane or a herd of stampeding cattle. That may be unlikely but it’s reassuring to be covered if someone else hits your house with a flying object or if someone leaves a car-shaped hole in your boundary wall but doesn’t decide to hang around.

3. Replacement keys or door locks

A break in or assault is a traumatic experience so it’s not surprising that the first thing many people want to restore is their feeling of security. Changing the keys or door locks can be an expensive process but EBS covers it under your policy if you experience either situation and your keys are stolen.

4. Accidental damage on buildings

You may think that you won’t be covered if you’re directly responsible for the damage to your building but that may not be the case. Maybe a bit of DIY ended up with a burst pipe and a new water feature in your sitting room. The good thing is that Accidental Damage on Buildings may cover you, even if you’ve no one to blame but yourself.

5. Liability to Others

We hope it’s never your intention to injure any visitor that comes to your home but if you are unfortunate enough to unintentionally cause bodily injury, illness or even death, your policy will cover up to €3.175m for any sums you become legally liable to pay. That’s pretty good cover but let’s hope for the wellbeing of others that you don’t need to use it!

6. Alternative accommodation

Imagine your property becomes uninhabitable due to damage by an insured cause such as a fire. That’s obviously a pretty big problem but at least you won’t have to worry about where to rest your head while the problem is being solved. The cost of alternative accommodation is covered until your home is ready to be lived in again up to a maximum cost of 15% of your sums insured.

7. Oil leaks

Discovering oil is great if you work in an oil field. It can be a bit depressing if you discover a pool of it below your boiler. One of the last things you want is an oil spillage in a home, whether that’s an overflow or leak from a plumbing or heating system.

It could be messy to clean up and potentially tricky to fix. The good news is that your policy will cover both the oil leak and the cost of the clean-up. That’s pretty slick.

8. Fire brigade charges

Nobody wants to have to call the fire brigade out, for obvious reasons. If you do have to give them a call in an emergency, the last thing you need is to have to cough up to cover their call out. EBS Home Insurance covers you for up to €2,000 so at least you won’t get financially burnt if there’s a fire.

9. New for old cover

Not all insurance policies will replace an older item with a new equivalent if you’re making a claim, some will take depreciation and wear and tear into consideration. New for old cover offers you a much better deal.

This type of cover typically allows you to replace an item^ that cannot be repaired, such as a TV, fridge freezer, sofa, with a new version of the same item, or the nearest equivalent if it’s no longer available. So you can be sure that you won’t lose out on the exchange.

10. Cost of title deeds

You’d like to think that something as important as your title deeds are securely tucked away in a safe place. Sometimes, things just don’t go to plan and you might have to replace lost or damaged title deeds. The good news is that you’re covered for up to €650. Despite this, you should still store them somewhere safe!

11. Visitors’ or guests’ property

It’s hard to imagine anything happening to the belongings of a visitor or a guest who’s staying under your roof but at least your home insurance can cover the worst case scenario. If your toddler does try and give their expensive laptop a drink of water, you won’t have to empty the holiday fund to replace a soggy computer.

EBS Home Insurance covers visitors’ or guests’ property up to €1,300. This can help to take the sting out of any unexpected disasters.

Want to make some savings on home insurance cover?

We’ve some fantastic news if you’re looking for home insurance at a great price.

EBS are offering two months of free home insurance, which equates to 16.67% off your annual bill in year one. Not bad, eh? It’s available to new policy owners who take out 12 month’s owner occupied buildings and contents cover.

If you’d prefer to pay your premium by credit/debit card or cheque you could still get up to 28% off your first year premium.*

To find out more about EBS Home Insurance, why not check out our insurance policy details or request a quote.

EBS Home Insurance is brought to you by EBS d.a.c and is solely underwritten by Allianz p.l.c. Allianz p.l.c is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

EBS d.a.c. is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Information correct as October 2016.

Standard acceptance criteria, terms and conditions apply.

*Please note that if you add optional Accidental Damage to Contents Cover to your policy before your renewal a mid-term adjustment fee may be applied and that an additional Premium applies for this cover.

All claims made under any of the above benefits are subject to the standard excess of €250, unless you have selected a higher excess. Any claim you make will reduce your No Claim Bonus to zero.

Claims on Household Linen, Wearing Apparel, Sporting Equipment and Bicycles are subject to a wear, tear & depreciation deduction.

A policy document including policy exclusions and the full terms and conditions of EBS Home Insurance is available on request.

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