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11 Jan 2017

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At this time of year, everyone is on a self-improvement buzz. Whether it’s going to the gym every day or juicing every item of food in your house, we are the best possible versions of ourselves for the first week or two in January.

But once a few weeks pass by, the old you comes creeping back. Maybe it’s a few drinks and a takeaway on payday – but when the trainers gather dust in the back of the closet and the Nutribullet moves from the kitchen counter to the press under the sink with the rolling pins never to be seen again.

Here at EBS we’ve got a fairly painless guide to things you can actually do right now that will improve your life down the line. And we promise that they're relatively painless!

Sorting out your life assurance once and for all

Family comes first. It’s as simple as that. It’s not the most pleasant thing to think about (which is why most of us put it off) but if the worst were to happen, you’d like to think your family were covered.

Life assurance is a lot more affordable than you think – and it gives you great peace of mind. Of all the tips in this piece, this might just be the most important.

Looking after your stress levels

Would you take a pill that would decrease your stress levels, make you smarter, prevent heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease while making you look better and live longer? Of course you would.

But there is no wonder drug that could do all that – all you need instead is to do 30 minutes of exercise five times a week. There are loads of apps and online programmes to help you move from the couch and into the world of exercise.

It’s not as scary as you think – you don’t have to become that person in the office who brings in protein shakes and goes to Crossfit at lunch. A simple walk or jog will do pretty much the same job. There’s no excuse really!

Making sure you are paying the correct taxes

A quick online search will lead you to one of the many sites out there that can help you claim back overpayments in your taxes. You may never even have realised there are so many instances where you might be due a refund. The average Irish PAYE tax refund is over €800!

For instance, did you know you can claim for a refund of the Deposit Interest Retention Tax (DIRT) that you paid when saving the deposit for your house?

Not many people do – only 74 people claimed this refund in 2015, but the average refund was almost €1,000. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Lash that grand into an EBS savings account, sit back and watch it grow.

Protect your income

We don’t think twice when it comes to insuring our most valuable assets like our homes or cars or even our health. But what about your income?

That’s the thing that allows you to afford all the other assets. Income Insurance is a way of protecting yourself in the case that you are unable to work due to an accident or injury.

There’s even a tax credit available for anyone paying for income protection, which should make it more affordable.

Preparing for the college years

With the average cost for sending a child to college reaching €40,000, it’s worth considering how to prepare for if you have kids. Again, the earlier you start the better.

If it’s 15 years until your little tykes head off to college, €150 a month would go a long way towards covering the cost.

If it’s ten years €330 a month should be fine but you’d need to bump that up to €600 per month if they are going to college in the next five years.

The EBS Family saver account is perfect for this. Click here for more details.

Getting a better night’s sleep

Those of us who get the recommended seven hours sleep (for adults) every night are less prone to heart disease, diabetes and even obesity.

So, declutter your room, buy the nicest bed linen you can afford and settle into a regular routine of going to bed and getting up at around the same time each day.

A recent study showed that sleep-deprived workers cost the UK a whopping €40 billion every year through increased absenteeism, sickness and lack of productivity. The equivalent figures for Ireland would work out at about €3 billion a year.

So sort your sleeping pattern out – your country is counting on it!

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