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07 Feb 2017

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Whether you’re building or renovating, a new year is always an exciting time to make some decorating decisions. Before your head off on your spree though, it’s important to have an idea of what you’re after.

You’ve probably been noticing home trends that have built up over the last few years. Lots of copper, marble, grey. You may love this look, you may not. Either way, it’s always good to see what else is out there before making an investment. So to help you along, we’ve compiled a list of 7 of the hottest trends for 2017.

The look for 2017 is cosy, classic and well-wearing. As far as trends go, these are good ones!


The warm tones of terracotta will warm up kitchens that have been floored in shades of white and cream in recent years. Rustic, earthy terracotta tiles will make a huge comeback in 2017 as the next phase of the revival of all things vintage. Like subway tiles and corkboard, terracotta was once seen as a poor man’s material but later became synonymous with a certain culture; in this case, Mediterranean. And who doesn’t want a dose of that in their homes, eh?! To keep things current and tasteful; choose a tile with a matte finish.

Space-saving storage

If floor space is an issue, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your storage must be limited. Consider adding upper cabinetry to the walls and leaving the lower walls free. This will increase the flow of a room and make it appear much larger.

Depending on the size of the space, your cabinets may need to be shallow (and therefore custom-made) to avoid head-banging. This could be a great opportunity to create a focal point by wall-mounting a vintage unit. Take a peak around your local charity shop and keep your mind open. A lick of paint and a change of door knobs can refresh a perfectly-sized piece.

40 shades of green

While women all over the world were swooning over 50 Shades of Grey, so too were cabinet makers, tile manufacturers and paint companies. Kitchens, in particular, were covered floor to ceiling in tones of greige, slate and off-white. While they’re still popular and make for a beautiful base, 2017 will see the re-emergence of colour. And from 50 shades of grey, we’re going to 40 shades of green. Bottle and emerald greens are big news in kitchens and add brightness while remaining sophisticated and timeless. This can be used in woodwork, tiles and walls. For low-budget impact, try giving your breadbin a makeover using a tester pot and updating your tea-towels.

Open shelving

Chances are that most of the rooms you’ve seen in interior design magazines or on Pinterest recently have featured open shelving. And the trend is still going strong for 2017. Open shelving is inexpensive, adaptable and handy. However, if you’re not the Monic Gellar type it can be difficult to get right. If organisation isn’t your thing; opt for two or three small shelves that you don’t use often (ie. Won’t mess up on a regular basis!). Alternatively, you can check out our EBS Pinterest Shelfie board for some inspiration. The key is to make neat stacks of varying heights and include a few bowls or canisters that can act as a catch-all and corral clutter. For the shelf itself; make it a feature by using reclaimed timber and quirky vintage-style brackets à la blogger Deliciously Ella.

All about that brass

Interior designers have been having a lot of fun experimenting with metallic in recent years; namely copper and rose gold. 2017, however, is all about that brass. Door knobs, brackets and wall hooks can all be updated to brass models. Or, for fans of cheap and cheerful DIY; buy yourself a tin of spray paint and go for it. To add some authentic brass charm to your kitchen, raid charity shops and your granny’s attic for some vintage accessories. Brass trays and bowls are common and make a practical, stylish addition to any home.

Tile shape-up

Inexpensive but stylish white rectangular subway tiles have been hugely popular in recent years. And with good reason. 2017 is going to see a follow-on from industrial, bistro style tiling with a change-up of the tile shape. Hexagonalzig-zag or dot mosaic tile patterns (as seen in Taylor Swift’s LA kitchen during her Vogue 73 Question interview) are all making a comeback. All of these options can be made extra glam by using marble or mother of pearl finishes as opposed to ceramic. (And if it’s good enough for Ms Swift...)


Considering how practical walk-in pantries are, it’s a wonder they haven’t been more popular in Ireland over the years. If you’re building or renovating your kitchen, we reckon the addition of a closet-sized pantry is well worth consideration. Shelving a pantry on three walls, floor to ceiling, allows you to keep all your food in a cool dark place, organised and accessible. Thanks to endless Pinterest DIY ideas, the world has fallen in love again with mason jars. But let’s not forget their original intended use; to keep food fresh and visible. Decanting dried foods, spices and baking supplies to clear jars allows you to keep an eye on stock levels and make cooking easier, quicker and more enjoyable. YouTube has an endless supply of pantry organisation videos that are weirdly addictive, in case you need more inspiration.

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