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Secrets to buying in Blackrock

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03 Feb 2017

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The Rock Road in Blackrock was once a notorious blackspot for highwaymen but you won’t see many robbers on horseback there these days. The arrival of the railway in 1834 saw the village’s population explode as it opened up access to and from the city.

Blackrock’s iconic public baths once made it the “most celebrated sea-bathing place in the vicinity of the capital.” The baths may be gone but the area remains as popular as ever.

It’s now one of Dublin’s most desirable addresses. Travellers may leave the town with their wallets these days but this special place continues to steal the hearts of visitors and house hunters alike.

The attractions of Blackrock


Blackrock has a gorgeous seaside location, a wealth of local amenities and a reputation as a great place to live. It boasts quality cafes, restaurants, bars and shops, including smaller boutique shops. What’s not to like?

“Blackrock’s a nice little village with a coastal location,” says Lucy Reynolds, Manager of EBS Blackrock. “That’s a big draw for people. It’s a sought after area because there are so many great schools and UCD is just up the road. The transport infrastructure is also very good, with the DART and the bus routes as well. It’s great for families and it’s also close to town.”

The property market in Blackrock


The local market is a mix of people looking for their first home and existing owners who want to trade up. “We have a pretty even split of first time buyers and second time buyers,” says Lucy. “We’d even have people coming in looking to build self builds down in Wexford. We welcome everyone.”

Blackrock’s enduring popularity means that demand is high. “There isn’t a lot of land to build new homes so house prices can be high,” says Lucy. “You’re talking €350,000 to €400,000 for an average two-bed apartment but it does vary.”

Popular areas include Carysfort Avenue, Newtownpark Avenue and the Coast Road. At the higher end of the market is Mount Merrion, where more established buyers can expect to pay over €1million for a house.

Buying a family home in Blackrock


Blackrock’s great location and its renowned schools make it an attractive place for families, as does its compact size. Areas like Carysfort Avenue and Newtownpark Avenue are sought after areas for families due to their stock of three-bed, four-bed and five-bed houses.

Rugby is a popular sport in Blackrock but local sports clubs offer the likes of tennis, soccer and hockey and there are also a number of gyms. Families can also enjoy the easy access to Dublin’s beaches and green spaces like Blackrock Park and the park at Carysfort Park.

Blackrock for commuters


Blackrock’s DART, bus and road connections make the village a great commuter base. The Sandyford Industrial Estate also has a number of major employers and it’s within easy reach.

“Blackrock is a nice area to live in so people would prefer to live here and drive to work,” says Lucy. “Blackrock is good for socialising at the weekend, it’s close to town and it’s a seaside town. You can also drive down to Wicklow. The M50 is around 15 minutes away, there’s the DART and the bus routes so it’s attractive to a lot of people who commute.”

First Time Buyers in Blackrock

According to Lucy, a lot of first time buyers try to get on the local property ladder by buying apartments, with an average two-bed apartment costing in the region of €350,000 to €400,000.

“A lot of first time buyers in Blackrock are looking for an apartment first and planning to trade up in a few years’ time once they’ve the equity to do so,” says Lucy. “They say you’re better to buy the worst house in the best area than buy the best house in the worst area.”

Bargain properties are a rare commodity but occasional executor sales can throw up fixer uppers for house hunters and EBS can support them in that process.

Advice for people thinking of buying a house

“I’d advise people to come in and have a chat, regardless of whether you’re thinking of looking for a mortgage this year, in two years, or 10 years from now,” says Lucy. “It can be a scary thought. It’s a big commitment in someone’s life. Come in and have a chat about it and you’ll see that it’s just a series of steps. It’s not as difficult as people think.”

Getting a mortgage may sound scarier than a rogue highwayman but being armed with the right information ensures that you’re prepared for whatever happens.

Thinking of buying a house in Blackrock?


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