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Inspiring scandynavian interior of a student's flat, with chalkboard wall and motivational posters on it

26 May 2017

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DIYs are great. They’re fun for kids, inexpensive and if your creations turn out well, you get to enjoy the smug feeling of thinking you’re the next Neville Knott* with all your newfound interior knowledge. Unfortunately, so many DIY ideas are outdated and twee, or they serve little or no purpose.

We’ve trawled through our EBS Pinterest boards to find some stylish yet practical ideas that you’ll actually want to make. Best of all, each of these projects is affordable and should take you no longer than 15 minutes.

It’s time to break out those Barney bags!

Instagram wall

As the brains behind luxury Irish paper goods company, Dusty Boy Designs, it’s no surprise that the home of Kate and Justin is completely Insta-perfect. So much so that it actually has a makeshift “Instagram wall” so that the couple can display some of their other Insta-perfect discoveries.

This DIY couldn’t be easier and requires only three inexpensive (or found!) ingredients: a branch, some lengths of strong string and some mini clothes pegs, which you can find easily in craft shops. Print out some of your favourite photographs and voilà!

Animal jar

As far as trends go, the mason jar obsession over the past few years has actually been one of the better ones. Endless storage opportunities and inexpensive to boot. But if you want to jazz up a basic food jar, here’s a stylish child-friendly idea.

Simply glue a small animal toy onto the lid and paint. We love the metallic jar makeover here – it’s so vibrant and interesting. Look out for no-break plastic jars so that you can adapt this DIY for very young children.

Fruit crate desk

This next DIY is the ultimate double-whammy; get yourself a cool, industrial workspace AND clean out your uncle’s shed!

All you need is two sets of equal-sized fruit crates and a surface board. If you can get your hands on enough fruit crates, you may also be able to whizz yourself up a rustic shoe or record display unit.

Clipboard art

Here’s another DIY that you can make in minutes that is totally adaptable to your tastes. Get a few clipboards from your local stationery shop and paint on some quotes. You could also papier-mâché some 3D flowers or use haberdashery or washi tape to create cute designs. This is a great one for adults and kids alike.

Fabric kites

These super cute DIY kites are whimsical without being too twee or Barbie. Simply cut a diamond shape out of your chosen fabric, hem (or cheat and use easy-peasy iron-on hemming tape) and add a ‘cross’ of painted branches.

For the kite’s tail, make some simple bows out of the fabric remnants or add some Indian bells (you often find these in Christmas decoration sections or those random hippy shops!).

Chalkboard headboard

Chalkboard paint is one of the coolest interior inventions. It’s great in kitchens and offices for practical use and it adds some quirkiness to bedrooms. Try painting a feature wall in basic chalkboard paint behind your bed.

Instead of using a headboard, why not draw on an elaborate Marie-Antoinette style one? The industrial feel of the paint coupled with the extravagance of the drawing makes for a humorous talking point.

Pressed leaves

Backless glass frames are becoming a popular way to display photographs. But instead of using them for photos, why not press leaves, flowers and feathers in them? Free and easily changed up with the seasons! These make lovely gifts too.

Pantry organisation

This next DIY is for all of the Monica Gellers out there! There’s nothing more satisfying than having an organised kitchen where you can find what you need and, in turn, eliminate stress from meal-planning.

Take a few minutes to decant dried foods such as pasta, spices, cereal etc. into clear containers.

This allows you to keep an eye on stock levels as well as keeping food fresh.

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