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Bathroom with white subway tiles bathroom vanity unit and bath

22 May 2017

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Most of us have endured the curse of a tiny bathroom at some stage in our lives. Maybe you served your time in the trenches in a college flat or a “compact” city apartment. Or you might have drawn the short straw and got the dodgy bathroom in a shared house.

Nobody wants to deal with this problem when they move into their dream home. Knocking down a wall to extend the space may be tempting but it’s also a drastic step to take. So we’ve looked at some space-saving hacks and bathroom DIY, to help you view the space in a whole new light.

Add some custom shelving

One of the simplest ways to get the most out of a compact bathroom is to install custom shelves in awkward spaces to maximise your available space. It’s all about getting the most out of those nooks and crannies, regardless of room size.

Bathrooms often come with apparently useless alcoves, but a series of small shelves can use these to store your toiletries, soap or washcloths. Even a six-inch gap can be turned into something practical with the addition of a shelf.

There are many options to choose from if you go down the shelving route. Wall-mounted wire support is a simple solution while wooden shelves can give the room a homelier look. White shelves are the go-to option for many a DIYer, as they blend in to the traditional bathroom aesthetic.

Transparent glass shelves take up very little space and their minimalist finish creates a sense of space in a room. They also allow light to illuminate corners, making the room appear bigger.

It’s even possible to get open shelving with concealed installation hardware, which looks less congested than normal shelving. This removes the need for brackets and gives these fixtures a practical but stylish finish.

Use the door

Behind the door can be a goldmine when it comes to squeezing more storage out of a cramped space. Many homeowners use hooks to hang bathrobes or towels on the bathroom door but this is just one option.

Racks can also be fitted to the door easily and will give you a variety of storage options, from hooks to shelves and baskets. They’re solid, able to carry a lot of weight, don’t require any DIY skills and are easily removed (perfect, really).

Another simple hack is to attach spice racks to the door itself to give you lots of space to keep shampoo, conditioners, cleaning products or other essentials. Multiple towel bars can also be attached to the door to give you somewhere to store your hand or bath towels.

If you do try this, make sure that anything you attach to the door isn’t going to hinder the movement of the door, or damage anything when the door is opened.

Take it up a level

You may be unable to swing a cat in your bathroom but there could still be some unused space to play around with. (Disclaimer: we don’t condone the use of the family cat as a makeshift measuring device).

One way to tackle the problem is to think outside the box, by looking to your bathroom’s vertical space for solutions. If you’re lucky enough to have a high-roofed bathroom, it opens up a whole range of new possibilities.

For instance, the space above a door is rarely used but you can install a shelf or a cabinet to utilise it fully. It’s an ideal place to store towels, toiletries or bathroom cleaning products. It’s out of the way, totally unused and it won’t interfere with anything else in the room.

Towel bars are another way to take advantage of vertical space, depending on the layout of your bathroom. It may be possible to install one high on the wall to ensure that towels are kept out of the way while drying.

And et voila, making extra room from ‘nothing’!

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