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Mess of All kind of Painting Equipment in the Kitchen and Discouraged Man

31 May 2017

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‘The kitchen is the heart if the home.’ Ah. How nice.

What you don’t hear as often is ‘The kitchen is the room of mayhem.’ It doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, but it’s just as true.

And because the kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house, it’s no surprise that every once in a while it’ll need a little TLC to restore it to its former glory.

It may just reach a point where you can’t keep ignoring that chipped paint and those grease stains!

So how do you know if your kitchen has reached that crucial stage? Here are five big signs that your kitchen is crying out for a renovation.

1. There’s not enough space

Many people struggle to find enough storage space in their kitchen. If you discover that you’re storing random kitchen items in other rooms, it may be time to take a stand. You can get extra storage by adding more units, putting up shelves or just by demonstrating an innovative use of space.

You can hang utensils from a mounted pegboard or add hooks to the wall and suspend pots and pans in this way. Although it helps if your pots and pans are aesthetically pleasing if you want to carry this look off! Magnetic strips on the walls can also be used to secure knives and make some room in your drawers.

Stackable shelves can also help you to squeeze a bit more storage room out of tight spaces. Some of these shelves come in great designs that will really set off your kitchen. Small shelves on the side of your cabinets can also give you a bit more storage.

2. Your cabinets have seen better days

Shabby cabinets can make the entire kitchen look run-down or old-fashioned. If your cabinets are made of wood, there’s always the option of painting them to give your kitchen a quick update.

DIY enthusiasts can take this job on if they’re confident in their abilities or they can bring in a professional to get the job down. Painted cabinets are on trend right now and it’s a great way to reinvent your kitchen and give it a modern look.

If your cabinets are veneered, you can get them refaced if they’re still in decent nick. The work can be done onsite but it may be more affordable to invest in new cabinets. Giving your cabinets an entire overhaul also allows you to fully update your kitchen, get rid of dated fixtures and reinvent the room.

3. Your countertops are past their best

Your countertops can end up looking like they’ve been in the wars after a few years if they’ve seen a lot of use. They’re often used as default chopping boards, have heavy pots dumped on top of them, or are exposed to hot pans. The result is that they can get chipped, worn or burnt over the years.

A worn countertop can give your kitchen a dilapidated look that makes the entire room seem unattractive. Getting a brand new countertop can give the kitchen a whole new lease of life.

4. Your floor is showing its age

The floor of your kitchen goes through a lot of wear and tear. Lots of traffic, spillages and the constant movement of furniture can all take their toll.

Lino is so handy at the beginning, but beware, it can get torn or start curling around the edges. Tiles can get chipped, cracked or become loose after a few years. Meanwhile, wooden floors can suffer from water damage or get battered with lots of use. Aside from the aesthetics, damaged floors can also pose a safety risk, especially if you’re carrying hot liquids or heavy pots – yikes.

There is a huge range of flooring out there and you can choose from lino, vinyl, tiles, solid wood, laminate or natural stone. You’ll be like a kid in a sweetshop! (Kind of…)

5. There’s nobody there

Hello? Anyone…?

The kitchen tends to be the heart and soul of most houses so you know there’s a problem if nobody spends any time there. This can be due to a number of factors.

It could just be dated or in need of an overhaul to make it a more enjoyable place to relax. A bit of paint or a refurbishment can make it a more pleasant environment for the family.

You may need to look at the layout of the kitchen or revamp your furniture arrangements. Your kitchen needs to be functional but it’s also important to make it a comfortable place to hang out.

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