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26 May 2017

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Ah, there’s nothing quite like an Irish home. Perpetual cups of tea, guarding the immersion with our lives and boiled 7UP when we’re sick.

While the old saying goes that ‘love is blind’, there’s certainly no point approaching a relationship with your eyes closed. If you’re in it for the long haul, you’ve either moved in with your other half, or are planning to in the not too distant future. You also realise that a serious relationship takes work – and there will be certain tests of patience when sharing an Irish home with your beloved. But if your love can endure these experiences unscathed, you know you can take on just about anything together. So just what are the signs of true love in an Irish home?

1. ‘Affectionate’ banter

So affectionate, in fact, it’d be considered bullying in any other country! We Irish are a funny old crowd – and it’s easy to see how someone might misconstrue ‘banter’ as mocking.

It all comes from a place of love, of course, even when the banter strays very close to the bone. There’s truth in jest, after all!

2. Replacing the empty milk cartons in the fridge


Is there anything quite so annoying as shacking up with your other half only to discover that they are a devil for leaving empty cartons and packets around the house? On the odd occasion, he’s even used the last of your shampoo.

He’ll come down the stairs smelling of apples and mint and you’re left staring an empty shampoo bottle square in the face. It really is a sign of true love when you grit your teeth and head out to the shops to replace it.

3. Fetching flat 7Up when they’re sick

Every Irish person knows that 7Up is a blanket cure-all for every ailment. From poor tummies to rumbling coughs, get some flat 7Up into you and you’ll be grand.

It’s a true sign of love if you’re stranded in bed, having phoned in sick, and your lovely other half arrives with chicken soup and a glass of the good stuff. Soul food!

4. Not breaking up with them when they leave wet towels around the place


Is there any habit quite so bad as finding a damp, slightly smelly towel shoved behind a nightstand or hidden under the duvet? Especially if that wet towel was soaking when it was abandoned so it’s leaked through and left a puddle of hours-old water staining through your bed sheets?

It’s even worse if the towel-leaving isn’t actually a symptom of forgetfulness, but it’s actually your other half lazily discarding their towels in a corner of the bathroom. Just how do they think the towel piles go all the way from the corner and into the washing machine?


5. Letting them hog the duvet or putting up with their cold feet

You’re all wrapped up in your duvet, snug as a bug, when the other half stretches out and touches your calf with their very, very cold feet.

A shock will go right through your system. For the hundredth time you wonder if your other half is part reptile as their feet are just so, so cold.

Be a dear and put some socks on!

As for the duvet hoggers, there’s little to be done as no matter how much you sprawl, they someone manage to best you to steal more than their fair share of the covers. And you still put up with them. Sure, you’re an angel really.

6. Letting them leave their tea bags in the sink

The heathen.


7. Accepting the little quirks that make them them


We all have bad habits: from biting our nails to splurging on items we shouldn’t. Which is fine when you’re single – but it’s that bit more complicated when you’re sharing your life with someone else.

Decisions have to be mutual and you need to work on being a good partner and other half, saving, splitting bills, and doing your fair share of the housework.

True love in an Irish household is simple: it’s when you both have little ‘quirks’ that drive you up the wall and you love them anyway.

Sure what more could you want, really?

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