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26 May 2017

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Heaven knows that 2016 hasn’t exactly been seen as the most positive year, so we’re only too glad to be able to clear it out. We’re detoxing our minds and our homes of all craziness and looking forward to the fresh feeling of the new year.

Here are some tips for changes you can make now that will see you through the year. We’re hoping that by the end of 2017, the world will look just as good as our homes. Ambition is everything, eh?


This cannot be said enough! No matter how wonderfully you decorate or how much you clean, a home will never look or feel good if it’s cluttered.

Every month, sort through paperwork, magazines and broken toys or gadgets and clear them out appropriately. Familiarise yourself with local charity shops or donation collection services that will make your decluttering feel less wasteful.

Take some advice from our Marie Kondo Pinterest board, Top Tips for a Happy Home, and eliminate anything that doesn’t “spark joy”.

Invest in organising equipment

A “place for everything, and everything in its place” is what a tidy home all boils down to. If you’re not naturally organised, try implementing some “training wheels” in the form of organisational products.

Magazine files, sock dividers and fridge containers are all super adaptable and inexpensive. You can pick them up in Ikea or your local pound shop for only a few euro a piece. If you want to get really organised, you could colour code each set for different family members or by category.

Rid yourself of unnecessary packaging

Kitchen cabinets and bathroom shelves tend to become a dumping ground for unnecessary packaging. Beauty products often come in boxes, and food in excess wrapping. Do you really need to keep the plastic wrapped from your bananas? All it does is take up space.

To streamline things, decant what you can into jars and storage bins. This also allows you to purchase frequently-used products like pasta and even bars of soap in bulk without them getting forgotten about in the backs of cabinets.

Draw up a chore list

This is a great tip for kids and bigger kids/childish adults (we’ve all had those terrible housemates!) because it allows everyone to see what needs to be done in order for the house to look its best.

Draw up a realistic but effective plan that’s specific to your space.

Divide it into things you need to do daily, weekly, monthly and seasonally and then assign a duty to each resident.

Simplify your cleaning caddy

People get overwhelmed by spring cleaning because their cleaning cabinets tend to be an avalanche of cleaning products they mindlessly stock up on every time they see a pound shop bargain.

Realistically you can get by with only a small selection of products for glass, ceramics (tubs and tiles) and an anti-bacterial multipurpose spray.

A few decent brushes, sponges and some elbow grease and bam! You’re Kim and Aggie! To make things more economically and environmentally friendly, make your own cleaning solutions with vinegar, baking soda and some essential oils.

Google will give you any number of simple recipes!

Refresh paintwork

Repainting your whole room may not be on the cards, but freshen up your space by painting your window frames, skirting boards and even tiles.

A small tin of paint and a few hours can give your room a completely new look. If you find white too high maintenance, how about giving them a dramatic coat of black gloss?

Lay down some easy-clean mats

This might seem obvious, but it’s also one of the most forgotten about home essentials. A sisal door mat in and outside each of your external doors will limit the amount of dirt carried into your home.

A bathmat large enough to soak up any splashes before they compound bathroom dust is also a must-have. In your kids’ room, try placing an inexpensive easy-clean rug to catch all paint splatters and playdough before they hit your carpet.

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