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Daughter and mother cleaning window together

22 May 2017

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There are two types of people in this world: those who like to clean (and almost use it as a type of exercise) and those who don’t. The idea of a mop may even be foreign to them.

But whether you’re the former of the latter, moving into a new home is the single best motivator for decluttering and cleaning your belongings. You might even want to go the whole nine yards and break out Marie Kondo’s bestseller, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying.

Or maybe your home just needs a general spring cleaning and you’re reluctantly getting around to it.

Either way, here are 8 top cleaning tips you shouldn’t ignore when moving house.

1. Declutter your cleaning kit

Cleaning is only as overwhelming as you make it. Opening up a cabinet to 46 bottles of cleaning products is just going to make you want to close it again.

Simplify your cleaning routine by whittling your kit down to the basics: an antibacterial multi-purpose spray, window and glass cleaner, and tubs and tiles scum-remover. Beyond that, all you require is mild dish soap and some cloths. Keep everything in a little caddy so that you can grab and go without having to spend half your day looking for the right bottle.

2. Lint-roll lampshades

Lampshades, headboards and upholstered furniture attract a huge build-up of dust which can be harmful to people with asthma or respiratory problems. Use a simple lint-roller to remove dust and fibres that land on these surfaces without damaging the fabric.

If you can’t get your hands on a lint roller and you don’t have a huge amount of dust to remove, try strips of masking tape. (Tip: if you’re stuck and have black jeans that have been massacred by dust or hairs, masking tape is a quick way to salvage them too.)

3. Look for the label

When purchasing textiles, opt for machine washable options where possible. High traffic pieces like bathroom mats, throw cushions and bedding are breeding grounds for bacteria and require regular cleaning.

Make life easier on yourself by keeping the exquisitely hand-beaded cushion in a spot where Woofy the dog is unlikely to drool.

4. Cut out crumbs

Crumbs and food spills often occur once food packaging is ripped open and handled. Minimise the mess by decanting all dried foods into large airtight containers as soon as you get them. Failing that, open each package with a scissors and use a clothes peg to reseal it.

5. Storage is your friend

Ensure that each room in your house has adequate storage for whatever you need to keep in there.

Make a quick inventory of everything you keep and devise a practical storage solution for every room in your house.

6. Clean your kids’ toys

If you’re moving with kids, now is a good time to sort through their toy collections and purge or donate anything they’ve outgrown. Toys tend to get pretty dirty when they’re thrown around outside.

Don’t forget to clean them by soaking plastic toys in a basin of hot water and antibacterial solution or by running them through the dishwasher. Wipe down battery-operated toys.

7. Germs live in your most-visited places

Light switches, door knobs, remote controls and kitchen appliances are probably the dirtiest spots in your house – with hundreds of times more bacteria than your toilet seat. (Ew!)

Use cocktail sticks and old toothbrushes to remove build-up in between buttons and use an antibacterial wipe to remove surface dirt.

8. Use a dishwasher tablet to clean your washing machine

Bacteria and limescale build up in the drum of your washing machine. Every four months or so, pop a dishwasher tablet into the drawer of your machine and run it to a 60-degree wash.

This is a great tip for anyone moving into a new home with a pre-existing washing machine. It’s one thing to live with your own germs, it’s quite another to live with the previous residents’.

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