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31 May 2017

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“There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want,” as the famous Calvin and Hobbes line goes. It’s certainly a convincing argument for anyone who’s ever found that they’re racing against the clock on a daily basis. Finding time is hard but that’s where technology comes in.

Luckily, clever people have invented clever machines that can do things faster and better – and make our lives that bit easier. Here’s a list of great home appliances that can save you time and help you reclaim a few precious hours in your busy week.

The slow cooker

The ironically-named slow cooker was once dismissed as a relic of a bygone age but it’s been embraced by a new generation of people who simply don’t have time to cook. As the name suggests, it cooks things on a low heat for hours so it’s economical to run and good for the environment.

You can add all the ingredients of a stew or casserole into your slow cooker before leaving for work and return home to a hearty meal that’s ready to eat. Not bad, eh? The days of slaving over the oven for two hours after work will soon be a distant memory.

Robotic floor cleaners

Anyone who’s watched Breaking Bad will remember the robotic vacuum that became something of a side character in the show. Automatic vacuum cleaners and robotic floor scrubbers are robots that use sensors to move around autonomously and clean your floors as they go.

So you can ditch that brush or mop and make cleaning your own floor a thing of the past. If this isn’t the way of the future, we don’t know what is!

Expresso/Cappuccino maker

These can be an expensive investment in the short term but anyone who buys a coffee every morning can save themselves time and money in the long run. Making a coffee for the road means you don’t have to queue at your local café with all the other stressed workers. The time you save may not seem like much but it adds up over days, weeks and months.

Heated towel rack

A heated towel rack may sound like a pompous luxury, (and potential waste of energy) but it can actually help you increase efficiency and save time.

Most of us wash our towels after one or two uses, because let’s face it – that smell of damp is unbearable. And if you are avoiding damp-towel-syndrome, it’s most likely because you’re drying your towel on the radiator. Towel racks consume up to 5 times less energy than a home heating system (and just think how much energy you’re saving on the washing machine!).

Self-cleaning oven

This may sound like wishful thinking but these ovens actually exist! Rather than spend time every week scrubbing the inside of your oven, the machine actually burns off the grease and grime. Newer versions use Aqualift technology to lift burned-on grime with steam and moisture. This makes it super easy to remove the remaining residue with a wipe and you’ll never again waste your Saturday scouring your oven.

Vacuum sealer

Cooking can seriously eat into your downtime and leave you wondering where the evening went.

You’ve barely had time to sit down and relax before it’s time to start getting ready for bed. A vacuum sealer means that you can reclaim your evenings by storing meals in the freezer for later use.

Simply rustle up a couple of big pots of food on your day off and store them away for the next day.

You don’t have to worry about eating it all at once and you can soon amass a collection of freshly cooked meals for later use.

Pressure cooker

This one operates in the opposite way to the slow cooker by cooking food really, really fast.

Preparing a meal with this turbo-powered machine can shave your cooking time down to a quarter of what it usually is. It’s a great way to save time and amaze your family with super-fast turnaround times for meals.

Steam cleaner

Steam cleaners offer an easy way to clean floors around your home with a quick blast of steam. You can use it to effortlessly clean your floors in no time and you don’t need to use detergents so it’s also an eco-friendly alternative.

It kills bacteria, removes dirt with no stress and makes cleaning stubborn stains an easy job. Floors also dry quicker after they’ve been steam cleaned so you don’t have to spend as long steering pets, children or your other half away from newly-washed floors.

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