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31 May 2017

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You’ve survived! Okay so maybe a couple of plates were smashed in transit and you’ve had a teary argument with your other half about where the prized antique teapot is going to go, but you’re on the other side.

You’re all moved in and prepared to step into the rest of your lives together.

While you can’t bring the kitchen sink from your old gaff with you, some things make a house liveable and are needed from the get-go.

That’s why we’ve put together these tips to ensure you get settled in that little bit quicker. It’s the little things after all, and while unpacking is a massive task, it’ll seem that bit more manageable if you can plonk on your sofa with a cuppa in your favourite mug.

So what are the things you should have ready from the get-go?

1. New locks

If you’ve built your house yourself from the ground up, this isn’t an issue but if you’ve partaken in the ancient art of buying a house from someone else, you should consider changing the locks.

If you don’t change them, old tenants, landlords, neighbours, or the woman who looked after the old owner’s cat that one time may have access to your place.

Now, chances are no one with the old keys is going to stage a break-in, but you can’t be too sure so get those locks changed.

2. Your favourite picture

If your new home has been lived in, it’s more than likely that there will be some leftover picture hooks looking lonely.

Why not put your own stamp on the interior of your home early on? It’ll bring a smile to your face and some brightness to the place. Plus, if you’re feeling the stress of unpacking, seeing pictures of happy times will help ease any tension.

3. Champagne

Sure it’s tradition!

Whether the reason for the move is new-found freedom or a new beginning, it’s important to celebrate your home. You can reflect on the good times or even invite friends or family around to celebrate the new place.

4. A comfy air mattress

An air mattress can be pretty handy to have around. Whether it’s for you or visitors, air mattresses are comfy and practical. You never know, you may have stragglers from the champagne party in need of a bed!

5. Your post

A new home comes with a bunch of new responsibilities. New bills have to be paid and while much can be done via the web and online billing, there is no replacement for the written article.

You’ll need a post redirection service to tell the postmen that you’ve moved somewhere new.

Unfortunately, you can’t fob off your electricity bill by saying the letter never arrived so get on it!

6. Paper plates

We’re not about to suggest you throw a massive kids’ party and hire in a bouncy castle, but paper plates can be an absolute lifesaver in your first week in your new home – especially if all your crockery is tucked away in a box at the bottom of a pile of other boxes.

While we’re at it, you certainly won’t survive without food. We find this is a nice accompaniment to the plates that you’ve already bought!

7. Curtains or blinds

It’s an obvious one, but it’s not something people readily think of, especially if you’re moving in the swell of summer. When it comes round to bedtime, you’ll be seriously wishing you thought ahead and took care of your blinds or curtains hours ago!

On the subject of sleep: know where your bed sheets and duvet cover are too, as it’ll make going to bed much more familiar and comfortable.

8. A first aid kit

Buying a first aid kit can start off your time in your new home on the best footing. In the first few weeks, there’s a chance of some rough edges around the house so having a first aid kit will ensure that you aren’t caught out when you need a bandage or plaster.

9. Bin bags

Ah, the glamour of the newly-moved. While the Irish mammy was once relied upon to craft

Halloween costumes from black bin bags, you’ll now find that a set will work wonders when you’re unpacking.

At the very least, it’ll save you from having a giant mound of discarded cardboard, bubble wrap, and Styrofoam.

Every little helps, right?

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