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31 May 2017

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So you’ve just bought your first home, you’ve picked up the keys and now it’s time to decide what to do with this blank canvas. Decorating your home is a big one – sure you’re only choosing how your home might look for the next twenty years! But no pressure!

Gone will be the days where you can blame the landlord for the underwhelming décor. Luckily, we’ve listed some of the biggest dilemmas that face you when you’re decorating your brand new home.

How to prioritise spending

On the back of buying a home, most people can’t afford to redecorate their entire home. So you need to calculate what your budget can cover and prioritise the rooms that you spend the most time in. Spend more money on a few foundation pieces that you’re going to have for a long time. This is normally furniture that you’ll use a lot like a dining table, a sofa or beds.

You can then save a bit of cash by getting cheaper accessories like lamps or mirrors. A good tip is to pick up bargains in furniture markets or second hand stores until you can afford to make more long-term investments.

Choosing paint colours

You’re going to have to live with your paint decisions for quite a while so don’t rush in. Sure, you could paint everything a neutral white colour but your house will probably look like the waiting room for heaven.

The trick is to step away from the paint samples until you’ve picked out some major furniture pieces or accessories like curtains, carpets or rugs. That way, you don’t have to worry about your décor clashing with your walls. Instead of limiting your choices, a well-chosen paint colour can now tie the room together.

Whether to ditch the heirlooms

The ornate wooden table you inherited from your great granny may be lovely but what if it doesn’t fit the minimalist style you’re going for? Don’t be held to ransom by guilt, even if you’re worried about disapproving looks from your mother or Aunt Sadie.

Maybe you can store it somewhere or pass it on to someone else. After all, you’ve been waiting for a long time to own your own home so don’t be afraid to get it just the way you like it.

If you’re emotionally attached to an heirloom but unsure how to use it, there are options. You could use it as a centrepiece or as part of a more eclectic décor arrangement. If you’re determined to keep it, research how other people blend old and new and look for inspired ideas that could work for you.

Go trendy or timeless

Everyone likes to be on trend but the problem with trends are that they tend to get dated very quickly. Choosing to deck out your room in all the latest trends is the equivalent of an interior design time bomb that’s waiting to happen. Your tastes are likely to change and fashion is a particularly fickle mistress.

Long-term value should always be in mind when making major investments. The reality is that you don’t want to be left with painfully unfashionable décor that’s very expensive to replace. A compromise is to choose some investment pieces that will stand the test of time and incorporate trendy accessories to give it a contemporary feel.

Play it safe or take chances

Decorating your new house can be daunting. You can feel pressure to be stylish and impress people but you also want to make a home in your own image. Don’t succumb to pressure to make your home what someone else wants to see.

Good interior design is about pushing the boundaries and investing in a place with your personality.

Sure, not everyone will like it but you’re the one who’s going to be living there.

Make your home an extension of yourself and your family and don’t be afraid to take chances, even if those chances involve installing a Donkey Kong arcade machine in your living room. You want to be comfortable and to feel at home in your own space so do whatever it takes to achieve that.

Well…within reason!

Are you thinking of buying your own home?

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