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26 May 2017

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There’s nothing quite like the nerves you get when you realise it’s almost the end of the year and you still haven’t fulfilled your new year’s resolution of joining the gym and getting fit.

We sympathise – we really do. Going to the gym turned out to be too much of a struggle, but you’re still determined to whip yourself into shape. Even if just for the psychological benefits, it’s important to take even a few minutes every day to stretch, move and turn off from the craziness of life. So we reckon at-home gyms are the way forward!

Not only are they more budget-friendly (those membership fees add up over time), you’re much more likely to actually make use of your home work-out space. No more excuses about traffic, bad weather or not being able to get a babysitter!

Clear out that unused junk room and follow these tips. Come back and thank us when you look like Karlie Kloss.

Make it a zen-like experience

One of the main benefits of working out is that it helps to clear your mind. Amp up the chill vibe by

keeping the space as clutter-free and clean as possible.

Even if you need to use the room for storage, keep it neatly organised behind a room divider. If the room doesn’t have any natural light, add some artwork and greenery so that your eyes can focus on something natural.

Pump up the tunes

Whether it’s techno or classical, music is great to have on in the background of your at-home fitness space. Get yourself some speakers that you can connect to a music streaming service and catch up on music industry’s latest offerings.

It’ll make your work-out session feel more like a treat. If you think you’ll get bored while exercising, maybe set up a screen in front of your treadmill and catch up on the soaps while your work out?

Budget-friendly basics

If you’re short on cash but long on determination, there’s still a way for you to create a work-out space in your home. You can pick up a yoga mat and exercise ball for less than a tenner a piece and from there, practice dozens of exercise routines.

Buddy up

Most things are more fun when you do them with a friend. Working out is one of them, and doing it in pairs is a great way to stay motivated and stick to your plans. Help keep each other accountable by creating your at-home gym in a space that’s big enough for two machines.

Use this time to catch up on each other’s news, or even to check out the latest instalment of your favourite series. Netflix and exercise is the new Netflix and chill.

Safety first

We get it, the whole point of working out is to get in better shape. But remember to take it easy – especially if you’re only starting out! Barbells and weights can be dangerous when not used correctly, so maybe it’s best to leave them until you’re under supervision in a real gym.

Instead focus on cardio and gentler work-outs like Pilates and yoga.

Get a (virtual) trainer

You may not have a big budget, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a good trainer. YouTube is a wonderful resource for getting in shape. On it you can find workout routines, tutorials and tips from some of the best celeb trainers. You can set it to time, experience level and mood and get your body going.

If you do go down the YouTube guru route, do a little digging into the person’s background to make sure you’re learning proper techniques!

And there you have: six tips for creating a home gym routine that you may even stick to!

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