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Modern living room sofa and black frame, decorative stone walls and classic

17 Jul 2017

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Ah, the marmite of 90s interior design: Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen*. Viewers of BBC classics such as Changing Rooms and DIY SOS loved to hate his flamboyant designs and OTT ideas.

Laurence’s designs were always unique and had a certain flair about them – much to the chagrin of any more muted interior fasn. But what were his calling cards? Here’s seven signs that Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen may have influenced the design of your house.

Heck, if you have all seven, there’s a chance the man himself may even have lived in your house!

1. This lace toilet

Okay, we get it, toilets aren’t the prettiest things in the world… but not everything has to be pretty! We imagine that whoever was responsible for this toilet décor probably also had trouble using words associated with it.

We bet they “popped for a tinkle” or “to powder their nose”. Best case scenario, it was a novel way to repurpose a cheap Holy Communion dress. Worst case, it’s somebody’s granny’s finest lace. If so, we just hope that nobody misses the bowl.

2. Everything is so colourful

In fact, the saturation may even have been turned up by 100%.

Colour is great; it adds character and we’d definitely recommend it. But it’s important to remember that there are more than four colours out there. It’s even more important to consider that not everything needs to be a colour. 

Signature matchy-matchiness combined with loud tones will give any room an energy overload.

3. Your bedroom has been artfully decorated with ruffled canopies

Wait, is this a ruffled canopy or does somebody just keep their laundry in hard-to-reach places? The 3D pocketing of the very many coloured fabrics leaves these window and bed canopies looking messy and chaotic.


One can guess that by choosing Indian-inspired silks and jewel tones, the homeowners were going for a zen, Asian feel. It’s just lacking in zen!

4. All plaid everything

It’s easy to believe that plaid and tartan prints always look classy and timeless. And in most cases, they do. Let it be known that good interior design does not equate to an ability to source matching fabrics and textiles.

5. Everything is pink

When it comes to decorating, you should pick a style. Not a solid-block colour! If your chosen colour/style falls into the category of ‘electric pink everything’, you should probably reassess your style influences.

6. Over the top themes

The only times theme-decorating is acceptable is if it’s for children or for a holiday or event like Halloween.

The occasional print or theme can accentuate a room or pull a look together, but everything doesn’t (or shouldn’t!) need to match with everything. Yes, you absolutely can match your tablecloth with your curtains but that doesn’t mean you actually should!

The horror!

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