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11 budget bedroom updates you need this year

Bedroom with pallet side table and double bed

22 Aug 2017

Posted in:  First Time Buyer

If redecorating your whole home is out of the picture, might we suggest that you prioritise and simply add some updates to the room you’ll likely spend most of your time in? We’re talking about the bedroom, of course! Sometimes the bedroom is the room that gets forgotten about, because it’s out of visitors’ sight. Clothes can get thrown around, and there’s little, if any, organisation or room for style.

Thanks to Netflix and an endless rabbit hole of YouTube videos, retreating to your bedroom, laptop in hand, has become a hobby for most people. And in a world of stress and exhaustion, relaxation in any form is something we encourage.

With all this in mind, it makes sense that your bedroom receives the same amount of TLC as your living room, right? So, here are 11 affordable bedroom updates that will transform your bedroom into a relaxing, organised sanctuary.

1. Go copper

Organise in style with copper storage baskets. These are great for keeping make-up, magazines and odds and ends tidy but in sight.

2. Great style doesn’t have to cost a fortune

We all love Penneys for a good fashion bargain, but don’t forget to check out their amazing homeware too. Their offerings are bang up to date, fun and super affordable. What’s not to love?

3. Add a splash of African colour

Can’t make it away on a sunny North African holiday? Bring the holiday to you! A stunning Moroccan bedspread from the Cabinteely-based store Dar Sol will add a subtle Moroccan vibe to your space.

4. Succulents

Cacti are supposed to be low-maintenance, but some of us still manage to kill them (holds hand up shamefully). Thankfully Ikea has invented a way for us to feel like better cactus mams. Behold, the SJÄLSLIGT ceramic cactus set! Only 15 quid and they live forever.

5. Hide away your throwaways

Add a cosy touch to your bedroom whilst keeping clutter and rubbish hidden away with a cute Rattan trunk and bin set from Marks and Spencer. It’s grandma chic at its finest.

6. Embrace essential oils

Aromatherapy is a wonderful, natural way to soothe you off into a restful sleep or help you feel energised and fresh in the morning. Add a few drops of your desired essential oils along with some water into a diffuser.

7. Pineapples aren’t just for pizza

Pineapples are everywhere at the moment and we love it. They’re whimsical, cheerful and historically a symbol of welcome and hospitality. And who doesn’t want to be welcomed home by their lamp? The Christiane Lemieux Pineapple table lamp would make a stunning addition to any nightstand or chest of drawers. 

8. Hang around

Pretend you’re staying at a hotel with fun door hangers. You can pick some up for a couple of euro in Tiger. Hopefully your fellow residents will get in on the game too and bring you room service.

9. Store with style

Channel your inner fashion blogger with an Ikea TURBO clothes rack.  At only €40, these Scandi-style rails allow you to keep some of your favourite pieces out on show, adding colour and texture to your room.

10. Accessorise

Speaking of fashion, jewellery and accessories are a lovely way to add personality and sparkle to your interiors the same way they would to your outfit. Display yours like you’re in a boutique with a feather trinket tray and jewellery stand.

11. Go luxe

Okay so this last tip will startle you, but bear with us! While demonstrating how to use his luxury mattress toppers (which retail at €150 - €300 apiece), Francis Brennan gave us some serious bedding inspo in the tutorial video.

We just want to create a fluffy heaven of our own and never leave. Thankfully, you can take Francis’ pro-tips and use them with more inexpensive mattress toppers. Sure it’s essentially the same thing!

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