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24 Aug 2017

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Over the past couple of years, the classy pairing of copper and white marble have taken over not only interior catalogues, but the stationery and beauty aisles too. Even on their own though, neither material comes cheap. Thankfully their popularisation mean availability of quality lookalikes has increased. That’s right; we’re talking faux.

Manufactured copies aren’t necessarily less beautiful. Often times they’re more durable and user-friendly too. White marble, for instance is porous and cannot withstand heat or acidity. Engineered quartz, on the other hand, can. Aesthetically, it’s timeless and simple and because of its naturally occurring tones, it ages well. The same can be said for other stone surfaces and other metals too. In fact, we reckon that nature-inspired decor never goes out of style.

Luckily, homeware catalogues are full of stunning furniture and accessories using faux finishes or a material mix. Here are some of our faves.

DIY marble coffee table

Okay so this one isn’t quite suitable for kitchens, but if you’re looking for something to spruce up your living room, The Interior DIYer’s faux marble coffee table makeover is a must-see. You would never believe it was done using a humble roll of marble-effect contact paper. This inexpensive DIY is perfect for jazzing up living room and bedroom furniture. Perhaps most importantly; the marble-esque finish provides you with the perfect Instagram backdrop. We think of everything here at EBS!


100% natural linen is stunning, and it’s wonderful to see trendy new companies champion Irish linen (waves to 31 Chapel Lane and Created + Found). However, if cheap and cheerful is all the budget permits right now, check out Ikea’s linen-mix offerings. Their LINBLOMMA bedding will give your bed a breathable summery feel and the VARDAGEN and GULLMAJ tablecloths can be used not only on the table, but as throws and bedspreads too.

Jute and sisal

Jute and sisal may bring back bad memories of the 1970s to some, but to others, the earthy bohemian feel of these natural fibres scream “summer”. Practical and durable, sisal is a good material to use in hallways and outdoors. The natural sandy tones compliment any colour scheme too, which makes it an easy addition to any space. Check out this great quality OSTED rug from Ikea. And for casual lounging, a jute pouffe is a cute buy from any home furnishing stores.

Fake it ‘til you make it zen

Okay now this is where we get a really hippy-dippy. Behold, rattan hanging chairs! These chairs add the most perfect touch of whimsical fun to any space, indoor or out. Hanging chairs have become a lot easier to get hold of, thanks to eBay and other auction websites. Most of them are bamboo, rattan or some kind of natural-looking synthetic material so are perfect for giving your space a cool mid-century feel.

For the nature table

Or, if your love for natural materials is small and less committed, you can find tons of beautiful display boxes and bell jars to fit any budget. These are gorgeous for displaying some of your favourite found objects. Or mix in some pictures or old letters and create a sentimental arrangement in one of these cute photo boxes. If needs must, faux flowers and plants can also be placed under the glass. Nobody will be able to feel that they’re fake either (sneaky!), so it’s the perfect solution for the less outdoorsy among us.

We hope you enjoyed our guide to this super affordable and achievable summer trend! We reckon this is one that will look great forever, so snap up of all of the faux-natural fibres while they’re available! For some more cool interior ideas, check out the EBS Pinterest board here.

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