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04 Sep 2017

Posted in:  First Time Buyer

Sometimes, adulthood can arrive very suddenly. One day you’re hit with the incomprehensible thought that all your friends are engaged or married – and at least half of them are buying houses.

You’re not exactly sure when you stopped being 23, but it’s happened and life has gotten very serious with career paths, long-term relationships, and talk of settling down.

It’s all compounded even further by your new habit of ‘nesting’, or creating a home of your own. Gone are the days of buying novelty bits and pieces and owning cutlery that doesn’t match. It could even be time to get a home of your own.

But just what are those home items that just scream ‘adult’?

1. Fancy towels

In your college days, your towels may have been woefully neglected. They possibly weren’t washed often enough and they may even have constantly smelled of damp from being left to dry on whatever open space or, er, floor you could find.

But no more! A true sign of adulthood is owning fancy towels – you may even have a couple of spare sets for guests or ‘just in case’. You may also have a good hand towel for the bathroom that only gets put out for visitors, and woe betide anyone else who tries to use it. For bonus points, you’ll keep them neatly folded in a cupboard all of their own. And yes, you do kind of wonder whether you’re turning into your mam.

2. Spare linen (to go on your proper bed with its already matching sheets)

Gone are the days of mismatched bed linen and dodgy patterned duvet sets. You’ve upgraded to a bedroom worthy of a hotel – headboard, duck down pillows, a mattress topper and a duvet with winter and summer weights included – and thread count is now your God.

You even keep spare bed linen for guests in that magical cupboard with your fancy towels. Goals.

3. Matching pots and pans

Say goodbye to mismatched cookware of yore. Before, you had a couple of pots and pans, maybe a frying pan or a slow cooker if it’d been handed down, but you’ve since upgraded to a proper set.

Whether you’ve gone for classic stainless steel, a colourful batch of non-stick cookware, or for an ultimate want-it, need-it, gotta-have-it adultness, French cast iron enamelware, the important part is that you’ve made the leap – and your friends will be impressed with you at any inevitable dinner parties that ensue.

Because, yes: dinner parties are a thing you do now.

4. A tool kit

To include: a flashlight, duct tape, a set of screwdrivers, a drill, a hammer, pliers, and a wrench. Keep these items handy and you should be able to deal with most of the small DIY issues or emergencies that spring up around your house.

If you don’t want to gather an entire tool kit, consider purchasing a multi-tool pocket device like a Leatherman. Though the tools vary, the most popular version – the Leatherman Wave – includes a screwdriver, scissors, wood saw, pliers, wire strippers, and more.

It also comes armed with a bottle opener, because what multi-tool doesn’t include a bottle opener?

You can pick up the Leatherman Wave online or in some hardware shops around Ireland.

5. An ironing board and iron

And we don’t mean the slightly wonky ironing board with grubby cover that you keep behind your fridge. Get yourself a proper, balanced ironing board and a good quality steam iron.

If you’re feeling particularly fancy, you can pick up a steamer in Argos for around €120 to €300. Pro tip? Throw the ironing board cover into the wash every now and then for super spic ‘n’ span clothes.

6. A French press

Where would humanity be without coffee? Arguably less productive, but probably also less skittish. Most of us rely on a dose of caffeine to see us through the work day but takeaway coffee is an unnecessary expense – especially if you’re taking adulting seriously and you’re saving for your mortgage deposit.

Instead, swap takeaway coffee for a French press and watch your savings rise – like a plume of coffee. You can pick up a French press in any good homeware store.

7. A plant

That’s still alive and kicking. We’ll even count succulents, which are near-impossible to kill if you treat them properly. Just keep them in a warm, bright spot and if you forget to water them for a bit, well, they won’t complain.

8. Framed art (and not posters you printed or bought online)

Back in the day, your idea of art may have included ‘Keep calm’ posters, memes, or prints of your favourite film art but you’ve since swapped them out for framed paintings or canvasses.

You may even be building up a collection by a specific artist or to suit a certain aesthetic. Give it another year and you’ll be combining slippers and dad socks.

9. A decorated mantelpiece

Caveat: it doesn’t count if it’s Christmas and your idea of decorating includes a slightly mangled crib that’s missing the baby Jesus.

A truly grown-up mantelpiece is a beautiful accent for any living room and could include any number of things, such as colour-coordinated vases and pots, framed pictures, knick-knacks you’ve picked up on your travels, artfully arranged blooms and even the aforementioned succulent you’ve been carefully nurturing/ignoring through life.

Tip: a decently sized mirror above your mantelpiece will work wonders for making the room look more spacious, especially if you’re in an apartment.

10. Fancy china

Does anything say ‘adult’ quite like fancy china that you literally never use because it’s too fancy? Exactly.

Now you finally understand why your parents had that one special set of fancy china for so many years.

To impress other adults.

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