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Two Women Planting Rooftop Garden Together

22 Sep 2017

Posted in:  First Time Buyer

If you live in the city, you’ll know all about the struggle to get your greenery fix. As a hobby, gardening is relaxing, productive and can provide a welcome break in our hectic lives.

But just because you’re an urban-dwelling, we don’t should think that should stop you from pursuing your need to get green fingers.

Sure, it poses more of a challenge than if you were living in the sprawling countryside, but look at it as a fun challenge… and who doesn’t relish an opportunity to feel proud?

So whether it’s a kitchen garden you’re hoping for, the chance to perk up a dull yard or just a little something to lift your interiors, we’ve got some handy tips for all home buyers.

These ideas are pocket-friendly and resourceful, not to mention beautiful. Some of them would even make great gifts. You’ll find something to suit any garden space – even if it’s entirely indoors.

Read on for our top tips on gardening in the city.

Heart of glass

Okay, so this first one is cheap and cheerful. Glass terrariums! We love these adaptable, cute mini gardens which you can grow on your kitchen table. Perfect for small plants like succulents, cacti and air plants (conveniently, these are all pretty easy to keep alive). We even have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to Terrariums. If you want to add a boho touch to yours, pop it in a cool hanging planter.

Voila: A garden that doesn’t need grass or floorspace.

Say hello to the yarden

Sometimes it’s a case of quality, not quantity. If all you have is a teeny-tiny yarden space out the back, then you need to make the most of it. Check out our Gardening Ideas on Pinterest and try some DIYs. A garden wall made out of old pallets or a geometric painted concrete planter stack won’t set you back much cash, and are pretty straightforward to put together. These simple DIYs will add some major wow factor to your yard, and distract from its small size.

Shop your own space

Lucky enough to have some garden space, then why not make it a double whammy and create a kitchen garden? You’ll have a garden and greengrocer all-in-one! Ideally you’ll have space to place a couple of raised beds, but if not, don’t underestimate container gardening using a few simple plant pots. You can grow peppers, chillies, courgettes, berries, salad leaves and more. If you’re interested in seeing the maintenance required for an urban kitchen garden, follow along with Irish food blogger Niamh Shields* from Eat Like a Girl. She regularly blogs and Snapchats her harvest.

Get some community feels

If gardening is something you’re hoping to make a relaxing hobby out of, it might be worth renting an allotment in a community garden. You can find your nearest allotment for rent right here. It might even be a way for meeting other like-minded people in your area and trading your harvest. Corrie legend Jack Duckworth loved nothing more than a day working in his allotment, and if it’s good enough for him…

Balcony babe

For most apartment-dwellers with have a balcony, it was likely a huge selling point. It was going to be the perfect spot for morning coffee and for setting out some colourful flowerboxes… But in reality, they’ve barely given it much thought since moving in. Don’t be one of those people! Remember why you loved the balcony in the first place and revisit all of those ideas you once had. Get yourself some cute outdoor seating and set up some containers and even a mini greenhouse. No matter how limited your space, you’re bound to find something to fit.

We hope you find these urban gardening ideas useful. Remember – there’s no need to let a small space to deter you from gardening in the city. It’s not the size that’s important; it’s what you do with it that counts!

Looking for a home to garden in?

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